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Verizon Fios Student Discount (Up To 20% Off)

Verizon Fios Student Internet

Does Verizon Fios Have A Student Discount? Yes, If you’re a student then you can save on Verizon Fios depending on your school and what internet plan you’re getting from Verizon. The student discount varies from school to school, but most of the discounts we’ve seen are for around 20% off your monthly bill. Use the link below to activate this offer and search for your discount.

Student Discount: Up To 20% Off Your Monthly Bill (Click To Search For Your School)

More Verizon Fios Discounts And Deals

  • Up To 20% Off Verizon Fios Internet and Cable – there are schools that provide up to 20% off your monthly bill. You can find out if your school has a deal available by following the link provided and then searching for you school. The discount will be applied to the total of your monthly bill. Not every school has a discount, but the schools that do have discounts from 10% to 20% off.
  • Fios Internet and Cable Starting At $79 – get Fios Internet and Cable starting as low as $79 per month. This price is locked in for the first year and can be discounted with your student discount when available.
  • $20 Off For Verizon Wireless Customers – if you’re currently a Verizon Wireless customer with an unlimited plan you can sign up for Verizon Fios and receive a $20 monthly discount on top of any other discounts like student discounts and coupons.

Does Verizon Fios Internet Offer A Student Discount?
Yes, as previously mentioned Verizon Fios does have a student discount. Their student discount works differently than most as the discount is given on a school-by-school basis. This means that one major university may offer a discount of anywhere from 10% to 20% off whereas another will have no discount at all. This means that you’ll have to use one of the links provided on this page and then search the Verizon website to see what type of discount your school offers.

In order to claim this discount, you’ll just need a .edu email address or another way of showing you’re a current student. Along with the student discount you can stack other deals and bundles to help you save no matter if you’re just getting internet or going with a Triple Play package. All of the student discounts can be used for new customers as well as existing customers.

If your school has a discount let us know the school and the discount in the comments below.


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