Verizon Fios Deals For Internet, Bundles, and Promotions

Verizon Fios
Verizon Fios offers internet plans that give you high-speeds at competitive prices. We have a quick guide below detailing all of the internet only plans and internet bundles from Verizon Fios along with their monthly pricing. On top of that we also provide you with the latest deals and promotions to help you save on these plans.

Deals and Promotions For Verizon Fios

  • Verizon Fios Gigabit for $79.99 per month – get the fastest speeds available from Verizon Fios at a large discount during this promotional pricing offer. You can get a gigabit internet for just $79.99 per month along with Netflix free for one year. Follow the link for more information.
  • Netflix Free For One Year – sign up for a Verizon Fios plan online and get Netflix free for one year. This works for both new and existing users to Netflix. You’ll receive a year free either way.
  • Up To $500 To Get Out Of Current Contract – if you’re currently with another internet provider and locked in a contract then Verizon will give you up to $500 to get out of that contract. This works for internet only plans along with bundled plans.
  • Waived Activation and Installation/Setup Fees – when you purchase your Verizon Fios service online through any of the links provided.
  • $20 Off Per Month For Verizon Wireless Customers – if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer you can get $20 off per month when you sign up for any Verizon Fios package. This includes internet-only plans to their Triple Play bundles.

Verizon Fios Internet Only Plans and Prices

  • 100 Mpbs for $39.99 – 100 mpbs download and 100 mbps upload for $39.99 per month with no data caps.
  • 150 Mbps for $74.99 – 150 Mpbs download and 150 Mpbs upload for $74.99 per month with no data caps.
  • 300 Mpbs for $94.99 – 300 Mpbs download and 300 Mpbs upload for $94.99 per month with no data caps.
  • 500 Mpbs for $194.99 – 500 Mpbs download and 500 Mpbs upload for $194.99 per month with no data caps.
  • 1 Gigabit for $79.99 – 1 gigbit download and 1 gigabit upload for $79.99 per month with no data caps (limited time promotional pricing for one year).
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(These prices are the advertised prices online. These prices and plans can change depending on your location. These are also the promotional prices for your first year or two years depending on the promotional period. The prices will increase after your initial promotional pricing period.)

Most customers are now opting for internet only and using TV streaming services instead of cable. Almost every internet provider will have different pricing if you’re going to only be purchasing internet and not bundling with their other services. The prices for internet will usually be higher than if it were bundled.

Deals For New Customers and Existing Customers
The best deals we’ve seen for Verizon services are mostly only available to new customers. This means that the best deals are usually reserved for those who are connecting their internet services through Verizon for the first time or adding additional services to their internet such as TV, home phone, or home security. If you’re currently only receiving Verizon internet then you should be eligible for some of their Triple Play promotions and discounts.

Existing customers can still take advantage of certain deals, but your ways to save are limited. If you’re not upgrading your service and only trying to find better pricing on your internet then there are better ways to do that. We recommend calling Verizon directly if you’re trying to negotiate a better price for your internet and see what options are available. Downgrading the speed of your internet can make sense for some customers and should result in lower monthly prices. You can also let Verizon know about other internet providers in your area that you’re thinking about switching to and this can trigger some promotional prices in certain cases.

Overall, if you’re an existing customer the best way to get a better deal is to simply pick up your phone or bundle more of the services you use.

Deals For Bundles (Double Play and Triple Play Deals)
If you’re getting Verizon Fios internet then you can also bundle TV and home phone to save big. You can choose to bundle TV with your internet which is called Double Play and if you bundle all three then it’s called Triple Play. The Triple Play deals are where you’ll get the overall largest discounts, but overall we’ve seen discounts of up to 30% off when you bundle your internet and TV.

The Triple Play deals will also occasionally include other promotions such as up to $200 in prepaid cards to switch along with things like a free Chromebook. These deals change regularly and are usually only available to new customers getting a Triple Play package.

If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer then you can also be eligible for a discount of up to $20 per month depending on your package. In order to receive the Verizon Wireless discount, you must be enrolled in one of their unlimited data plans.

Waived Installation and Setup Fees
If you purchase online you can get the installation fee waived. The regular installation fee of $99 will be waived if you purchase Verizon Fios online through their official website. This offer is ongoing and gives you the incentive to purchase directly from their website instead of a third-party. All of the links on this page point to deals directly with Verizon unless otherwise noted. This is an easy way to save on your service from the start.