iPhone 6 Survey: What Features Do You Want On The iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 Survey

As the hype builds up around the new iPhone, there are plenty of rumors about what new features will be added. In our survey we asked over 1,500 people what new features they want to see for the iPhone 6. Those surveyed could answer multiple choices within the question and as you can see the vast majority want to see longer battery life (97%) followed by a larger screen (85%). Along with this question we also asked a few further questions such as when they were planning to purchase the new iPhone once it’s released and what current phone they own. You can find all of the data from our survey below.

What Features/Changes Would Make You Purchase the New iPhone 6? (multiple answers)

  1. Longer Battery Life (97%)
  2. Larger Screen (85%)
  3. Better Camera (73%)
  4. Faster Processor (43%)
  5. MicroSD (37%)
  6. Lower Price (35%)
  7. SIM/Dual SIM (8%)

When will you buy the new iPhone?

We asked those who said they were purchasing the new iPhone when they would make their new purchase. As you can see the majority said they had not set time with 34% whom said they would purchase it on the release date online. A very small percentage (3%) said that they would be waiting in line at their local Apple Store for the release.

  1. No set time (63%)
  2. Buy online on release date (34%)
  3. Wait in line day of release (3%)

If you plan on purchasing the new iPhone what phone do you currently have?

  • iPhone (84%)
  • Android (11%)
  • Windows (<1%)
  • Blackberry(<1%)
  • Other (3%)

*This survey was conducted by WalletHero with over 1,500 responses. All of those that responded are based in the United States or Canada and completed the survey in full. This is an unscientific survey. Media: Send any questions to info@wallethero.com.

3 Responses to “iPhone 6 Survey: What Features Do You Want On The iPhone 6?”

  • Kathy July 12, 20142:19 pm

    What is important to me is larger screen, better battery life, removable sd card and removable battery.

  • rachel May 30, 20153:27 am

    Same thing as Kathy just free calling and great quality.

  • taymar allen June 9, 20153:07 pm

    You are the best website to look for an iPhone!


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