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ZenBusiness Review: How Much Does It Cost?

Quick Review Of ZenBusiness:
We currently recommend ZenBusiness as one of the best services for business formation. Their services are low-cost, fast, and easy to use, just be aware that there is a yearly charge for any plan you choose for the services that are included. Overall you can’t go wrong by choosing ZenBusiness to form your business.
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Pros and Cons Of ZenBusiness

Pros (What’s Good About ZenBusiness)

  • Low Prices – ZenBusiness has some of the lowest prices to get the basics you need to start your LLC. They walk you through the process and form your LLC for only $49 and also throw in a year of registered agent services for free. For most new business owners you can use the lowest option and have your business formed for $49 plus state filing fees.
  • Positive Customer Reviews – ZenBusiness has some of the best reviews we’ve seen for a business formation service. We’ve looked through numerous websites and social media where we found overwhelmingly positive reviews with very few negative reviews. The ratio of positive to negative reviews puts them at the top of the business formation companies we’ve reviewed.
  • Fast, Simple, And Easy To Use – Almost every review we’ve found talks about how quickly their LLC was filed and how their platform is easy to use. This lets new business owners get their business set up quickly without any headaches and lets them focus on the numerous other tasks of running a business.
  • All-In-One Solution (If You Need It) – If you’re a small business that doesn’t need a large web presence then you can choose the premium package and have literally everything you need in one place for one yearly price. This includes starting your LLC as well as registered agent services, website, domain name, business email address, and more. This may not be the best option for some businesses, but for the less tech-savvy or those who don’t need a large web presence for their business, this can be a convenient option.

Cons (Complaints And Things To Watch Out For)

  • Plans Are Billed Annually – The plans are ZenBusiness are annual plans. This means that every year your plan will renew at the price advertised. If you have a starter plan then you will be charged $49 per year for ongoing services that are included in your plan. This means that you’ll want to make sure that any plan you choose that you’ll use all the services. In order to cancel the plan, it seems like you have to change any services you use such as their registered agent service then contact them for cancellation. Most of these services your business will need and it’s not a bad price, but still can be a headache if you need to cancel.
  • Extra Costs For Secondary Services (Can Be Avoided) – ZenBusiness, like other business formation companies, has numerous other services that you can purchase for extra money. Some of these services are not needed for the vast majority of new business owners and the price they charge seems a little high. Almost all business formation companies have these charges and you can simply avoid them by choosing the “Starter” package and not opting into these services (Such as getting your EIN which is free and simple to do yourself). You’re paying for the convenience of having a professional do the work, so if it’s worth it to pay to save some time then this may still be something you want to do.

ZenBusiness Prices And Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

ZenBusiness Prices
ZenBusiness has three different plans depending on what you need to start your business. Each plan is slightly different in features and products along with the total price. We break down the pricing and features of each plan below as well as give our recommendation on which we think most businesses should choose.

Starter Plan: $49 (Billed Annually)
The Starter plan gives you all of the basics you need to get your business started without anything you don’t. The Starter plan includes the preparation and filing of your LLC, annual report service, and operating agreement template. The price for the Starter plan is $49 (billed annually) plus state fees.

Pro Plan: $199 (Billed Anually)
According to ZenBusiness, the Pro Plan is the most popular option they offer. It includes everything that the Starter plan offers along with EIN service, banking resolution template, worry-free compliance, and expedited filing. This plan’s main selling point is that it speeds up the process of getting your business formation paperwork filed. The price for the Pro plan is $199 (billed annually) plus state fees.

Premium Plan: $299 (Billed Annually)
The premium plan is the plan with the most features and is also the most expensive at $299 per year. This plan is essentially their all-in-one business starter plan that includes everything in the starter and pro plans along with a business website, domain name, business email, and domain name privacy. This plan is best for those needing a complete online presence along with their business formation. The price for the Premium plan is $299 (billed annually) plus state fees.

Which Plan Do We Think Is The Best Option?
The plan we recommend for most new businesses is the “Starter” option. This gives you everything you need to get your business legal with your state while not overspending on things you don’t necessarily need. The only reason we see for upgrading to the “Pro” plan is to get your LLC filed slightly faster. You can always add on one or two services you need for a small fee compared to spending $100 or more extra for an upgraded plan where you don’t need all of the services.

Remember that all prices shown above do not include the state fee which varies state by state. The LLC state filing fee can be anywhere from an average filing fee like $125 for a Florida LLC clear up to $500 for a Massachusetts LLC.

ZenBusiness Customer Reviews

We’ve searched through hundreds of reviews on places like Reddit, Google Reviews, Trust Pilot, Twitter, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) along with dozens of small business websites to see what customers are saying. Overall the reviews for ZenBusiness are very positive and arguably the best we’ve seen about any business formation company. Most customers agreed that ZenBusiness made it easy to form their business for a fair price and they performed the services in the time frame advertised.

There are some negative reviews mixed in with the thousands of positive reviews. The vast majority of negative reviews are around not understanding that you’re signing up for an annually billed service. ZenBusiness will bill you for your plan and the services included every year. This is why it’s important to choose a plan that fits your business’s needs and make sure that you’re not getting something you won’t use.

Around half of the negative reviews on these platforms were simply business owners not understanding that in most cases they’re still responsible for filing basic yearly notices to let their state know they’re still in business along with responding to mail sent to their address from the state needing information about their business.

Overall the vast majority of reviews were very positive. The review consensus was that ZenBusiness provides business formation services at a fair price along with the process being quick and easy. Just make sure that you realize you’re signing up for a yearly service when you sign up for one of their plans.

Comparison: ZenBusiness vs. LegalZoom

When comparing any LLC formation service we always like to compare them against LegalZoom who is one of the oldest and most well-known brands in this space.

ZenBusiness provides the same services as LegalZoom, but for a lower initial price and the reviews overall seem to be a little more positive. LLC formation isn’t something you should be paying a lot of money for, so if you can get the same service for less money from a reputable company then that should be the first option you take a look at.

This is why we currently recommend ZenBusiness over LegalZoom for basic LLC formation as long as you’re going to be using ZenBusiness’s ongoing included services.

Is ZenBusiness The Best Choice?

ZenBusiness is the perfect all-in-one solution for most business owners. The price is low and the value is high, giving you everything you need to get your business started and growing. They’ll also help you maintain your business with all of the basics. We currently recommend their LLC formation services to anyone looking for some help starting their business.

DEAL: Start Your LLC With ZenBusiness For As Low As $49 (plus state fees)

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ZenBusiness FAQ

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about ZenBusiness that by answering we hope to make your decision easier. These questions can be basic questions about the pricing and plans available to what deals are available and questions about who owns ZenBusiness. We will update this section to answer any questions as we see them.

Is ZenBusiness Legit?
Yes, ZenBusiness is legit. They’re based in Austin, Texas, and backed by some of the top investors in the world including Cathay Innovation, Greycroft, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Breyer Capital, and more.

Does ZenBusiness Have A Free Plan?
ZenBusiness does not currently have a free LLC formation plan like a few other select formation services. Their prices are already low for professional business formation services so we don’t see them offering a free plan anytime soon.

Where Is ZenBusiness Located?
ZenBusiness currently has a headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Does ZenBusiness Offer Registered Agent Services
Yes, ZenBusiness does offer registered agent services for all 50 states along with Washington DC. You can find our ZenBusiness registered agent review by following the link provided. You receive registered agent services free for the first year when you use their service to start your LLC.

Does ZenBusiness Give You A Business Address?
ZenBusiness does not give you an address that you can use as your business address.

Does ZenBusiness Help With Taxes?
According to our research, it doesn’t seem as though ZenBusiness currently offers any business tax services or consulting. Their experts can help you during the formation process to figure out which business structure is right for you and help give you insights into taxes.

Is ZenBusiness Cheaper Than LegalZoom?
You can’t always base something as important as legally forming your business on price, but the price does still matter when two services have good reputations. As of right now, ZenBusiness is cheaper than LegalZoom with a base price of only $49 to start your LLC. LegalZoom shows a price of $79, but once you add on the services most business owners need (and what ZenBusiness includes in that price) you’re looking at well over the minimum advertised price.

As previously mentioned, ZenBusiness charges you yearly for any plan you use. Some other LLC formation services have a one-time charge, but they’re usually slightly more expensive. So make sure you’re business is going to need the services you’re paying for in your plan.

Does ZenBusiness Offer A Refund?
On their website, they state that they do have a refund policy. You can request a refund for up to 60 days after you’ve purchased your service. If the refund is granted you will receive your money back less any state fees and other possible fees.

Does ZenBusiness Offer New York LLC Publication?
Yes, ZenBusiness does offer a service that completes the obligation of New York LLC publication for those starting a business in the state of New York. The price for this service as of the time of this review is $200 extra on top of your formation costs.

Is The ZenBusiness Pro Plan Worth It?
In our opinion, the “Pro Plan” isn’t worth the extra price unless you’re wanting the expedited speed. The other services included for the increase in price are things that you can do yourself for free or they’re simply not needed for most new business owners. Most new customers can save themselves some money and opt for the starter plan instead.

Does ZenBusiness Offer A Student Or Military Discount?
We currently do not see any discounts available that are targeted towards students or the military. Some states do waive state business formation fees for veterans, so check with ZenBusiness to see if you can get these fees waived as part of your business formation. If ZenBusiness starts offering any student or military discount we will update this section with the available savings.

We do our best to keep all of this information up to date. Make sure you check the ZenBusiness website and double-check before checkout to make sure you’re receiving all of the services your business needs at the right price. Also, consult with professionals for any specific legal and tax advice pertaining to your business.

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