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ZenBusiness Registered Agent Reviews and Pricing

When choosing a registered agent service you want a service that has great reviews while also not breaking the bank. In this review of the registered agent service from ZenBusiness, we look at how the service stacks up against competitors along with pricing and deals to figure out if it makes sense for your business.

Our Take: ZenBusiness has great reviews and fair pricing for their registered agent services. We currently recommend them as one of our top picks for professional registered agent services. The plan we think fits most businesses the best is their cheaper “standard coverage plan” which is $99 per year.
Link: ZenBusiness.com ($99 Per Year)

Registered Agent Pricing And Coverage Plans

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Pricing Coverage
ZenBusiness currently offers two different plans for their registered agent service. The two plans offer very similar services with one major feature that differentiates them. The standard plan is the cheapest at $99 per year and the complete coverage plan is $149 per year. We break down the features and pricing of each option below as well as recommend one of the options over the other.

Standard Coverage Option ($99 per year)

The Standard Coverage option including registered agent services to keep your business compliant and up to date. Along with the regular registered agent services you will also receive online document access and access to their business formation and compliance experts. This service is $99 and renews yearly.
Price: $99 Per Year (Free With LLC Formation Plan)

Complete Coverage Option ($149 per year)

The Complete Coverage option has everything the standard option has with one added feature. The only difference between the two plans is that the complete coverage option also has “worry-free compliance.” Their worry-free compliance feature is essentially just you paying extra for ZenBusiness to file your annual filings with your state. This extra service add-on will also help you stay in good standing with your state if there are other filing errors. This service is $149 per year and renews yearly.
Price: $149 Per Year

Since most business owners can file their own annual report on their state’s website within minutes, we currently recommend you skip the Complete Coverage Plan and opt for the Standard Coverage Plan to save yourself some money.

Since the standard coverage gives you everything you need in a registered agent plan there really isn’t a need to upgrade unless you also want ZenBusiness to file your annual filings for you and give you more help in figuring out what basic filings you need to get done.

ZenBusiness Free Registered Agent Offer

If you haven’t yet legally formed your business (LLC, etc) then you can take advantage of a deal from ZenBusiness to get a year of their registered agent service for free. All LLC formation plans offer one free year of registered agent services.

The free registered agent option you get for free is their “standard coverage” option which we recommend for most small business owners. Their LLC formation services start at just $49 and go up in price as you add more options and products.

How To Switch To ZenBusiness Registered Agent (Change Of Agent Fee)

If you’re switching your registered agent service to ZenBusiness then they can do it for you for a small fee. They currently only charge $15 for a “change of agent fee” which will change all of the information with your state to update them on your new registered agent.

This is one of the cheaper change of agent fees we’ve seen as some registered agent services charge up to $50 to change your registered agent information. This is a one-time fee when starting with a new registered agent and will not be included in next year’s total. There may be some state fees associated with changing your registered agent and those will be paid as the change of agent is processed. Most states also charge a small fee of around $20 on average.

Customer Reviews And Experience

We take a look at dozens of different review websites and social media along with websites like Reddit to see what real customers are experiencing with their registered agent service. Since they offer registered agent services with their LLC formation services there are plenty of reviews available.

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The only negative reviews we could find noted that they had some trouble with the speed of how quickly the services were set up for them, but any issues were quickly resolved. It’s hard to say if these negative reviews are accurate due to the customers not saying how long it took to set up the service which can take a few days to a couple of weeks depending on how quickly the state updates its records and gets the paperwork done. We will keep this section updated if we are to start finding negative reviews with details.

Overall the reviews are very positive which is the norm for most registered agent services as there are very few times when you actually have to deal with the registered agent. With that said, the reviews say that the registered agent services are very professional and everything works as it’s sold in the plans.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Comparison (Northwest, IncFile, And More)

ZenBusiness is currently one of our top picks for registered agent services. They stack up well against every competitor for the vast majority of businesses needing basic registered agent services. Their pricing is one of the lowest we’ve seen for the services they offer. Below we compare their prices with other registered agent services that also have good reviews and reputations.

Price Comparison

Review Summary:
ZenBusiness is currently one of our top choices for registered agent services for the vast majority of business owners. The yearly fee for the recommended plan is one of the lowest in the industry and the reviews are mostly positive. If you’re a new business owner then you can get their free registered agent service for a year if you use their LLC formation service. If you already have a business and have a registered agent then you can change to ZenBusiness for only $15 (change of agent fee) plus the yearly registered agent fee ($99 to $149).

Overall it’s hard to beat the services ZenBusiness is offering for the low price and numerous features. We recommend their registered agent service to any business looking for basic registered agent services that don’t break the bank and give you all of the features you need without the extra hassle.

Website: ZenBusiness.com/registered-agent

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