ZenBusiness Registered Agent Cost

ZenBusiness Registered Agent

How much do registered agent services cost at ZenBusiness? In this guide, we break down the cost of their registered agent services including any prices and packages along with comparisons and alternatives. We also let you know which registered agent package we think gives you the best value for the price.

DEAL: Get Your First Year Of Registered Agent Service For $99 At ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Pricing And Features

ZenBusiness currently offers two different plans when it comes to its registered agent services. They have a stand-alone registered agent service and registered agent service with worry-free compliance. We currently recommend the stand-alone service as you’re getting a much better value overall.

Stand Alone Registered Agent Service – $199 Per Year ($99 First Year)
Their stand-alone registered agent service is currently priced at $199 per year. Most of the time, they offer a discount on your first year putting the price down to $99.

This plan includes all of the standard features including a dedicated online dashboard, monitoring all notices sent to your business, scanning and uploading all important documents to your online dashboard, mail notification of important legal and tax matters, and more. Essentially ZenBusiness will cover all your bases with their professional registered agent services so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Registered Agent Services + Worry-Free Compliance – $398 Per Year ($199 First Year)
The other option is the registered agent service which also includes their Worry-Free Compliance service. The Worry-Free Compliance add-on is $199 for your first year and then it renews at $398 per year for every year after the first.

This registered agent package includes everything the stand-alone service does, but the main difference is it includes their “Worry-Free Compliance” option. Worry-Free Compliance gives you a full-service compliance experience with ZenBusiness covering your annual report and up to two business amendment filings per year. They essentially handle all of the filing and compliance that your business needs along with keeping you up-to-date on all of the required filings.

Can You Get A Registered Agent For Free From ZenBusiness?

At one point ZenBusiness did offer registered agent services for free when you form your business with them. It does not seem like they offer free registered agent services anymore no matter which package you choose.

We will update this section if they do start offering their registered agent service for free when bundled with other services. ZenBusiness does now offer a free business formation package which can help you save money and offset some of the other costs of starting a business.

Alternatives To ZenBusiness Registered Agent Services

There are a couple of alternatives that we recommend if you decide that you want to use a different service than ZenBusiness. The two alternatives that we currently recommend are Northwest Registered Agent and IncFile.

Both of these services have good reviews, fair prices, and a modern approach to registered agent offerings. If for some reason you don’t go with ZenBusiness then these brands are worth a look.

Most businesses can avoid the complex registered agent services meant for corporations that can charge as much as $300 per year for barebones services. These aren’t worth your money for what they provide. Some business formation services partner with these types of companies and lock small businesses into expensive services they don’t need. So if you’re looking for an alternative then stick with the options we’ve provided or similar services.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Review

Overall we think that ZenBusiness is one of the better options out there for registered agent services. Their online dashboard is easy to use and the service has good reviews overall from customers. The price is slightly above average, but if you’re already using ZenBusiness for other services then it seems worth it to have everything in one dashboard.

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