Comcast Xfinity Senior Discounts

Comcast Xfinity

Does Comcast Xfinity have senior discounts? As far as we can tell from our research, Xfinity does not have a senior discount. Just because they don’t have a discount specific to seniors doesn’t mean that they don’t have other deals and discounts to take advantage of.

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About Xfinity’s Senior Discounts
Comcast Xfinity does not currently have a senior discount. There are multiple other ways to help save on their internet, cable, home phone, and home security services. The best way to figure out your savings is to simply go to their website and choose the services you want along with your address. This should show all of the bundles and any discounts that you’re eligible for.

We will update this page in the future if Xfinity starts offering any type of discount or specific bundles for seniors. There are numerous other deals for their internet and bundled services for new customers. This can include a large discount on your first year and even larger discounts as you bundle more services. There are also cashback offers and other deal websites that have exclusive offers that can help you save. You can use the link below to access the official Xfinity website to see what deals are available for your area.

Website: Xfinity.com

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