What’s A Sports Surcharge Fee On Your Cable Bill?

In the past few years, you might have noticed a new charge on your cable bill called a “Sports Surcharge Fee.” We’ve seen this fee be anywhere from $5 to $7 depending on your cable company. No matter if you have Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, Verizon or any of the other cable providers they will probably charge you this fee.

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The sports surcharge fee is essentially charging you extra if you have ESPN and the ESPN network of channels on your cable plan along with other major sports networks and regional sports networks. Each cable provider bills this differently, but since the cost of these channels has gone up they charge this extra fee to make up for the costs. Also since most cable packages do include live sports you more than likely will have this charge on your monthly bill.

Can The Sports Surcharge Fee Be Removed?

There’s essentially no way this fee is coming off your bill if you have a cable package with the major sports networks. The easiest way to go about getting your total price lowered is to call your cable provider to see if they can give you a lower rate or use a service like CableMover to see what offers are available from local providers.

Most of the time if you call and say you need a lower price or you’re going to switch to another provider you should be able to get the cost of the surcharge taken off and even more. So even though there’s no a way to take the sports surcharge fee off your bill you should be able to get enough savings to lower your total bill.

Do you have a sports surcharge charge on your cable bill? Let us know your provider and how much your sports surcharge is below. You can also add any questions or comments.

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