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Walmart Plus Discounts For Military, Nurses, Students, And More

Walmart Plus

When signing up for Walmart Plus you can take advantage of numerous discounts. Depending on what discounts you’re eligible for and what’s currently available you can get Walmart Plus for free or you can get a big discount. Use the featured deal below or check for a specific discount in our guide below.

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Available Discounts For Walmart+
You can find what discounts are currently available below for specific groups. We keep this section updated with the latest available discounts for everything from military and first responders to teachers and nurses.

This page will stay updated with all of the best discounts available. These deals and promotions change regularly depending on the time of year and what Walmart is currently offering such as new perks and promotions. Always check out the featured deal at the top of the page as this can many times give you a better discount than any of the specific discounts.

Almost all of the deals featured on this page are for new customers of Walmart Plus. It’s rare that you see a deal for existing customers, but there have been some promotions in the past.

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