Military Discounts

VRBO Military Discounts

If you’re in the military or a veteran then you can save at VRBO when you rent a vacation home. The discounts for the military aren’t directly through VRBO, but instead, they’re given by the individual property owners. This means that not every property will have a discount available. You’ll have to use the link below to search for the city you’re staying then properties with a military discount.

Discount: Up To 15% Off For Military and Veterans

About VRBO
VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) is a vacation rental platform that lets you book homes and condos in some of the most popular vacation destinations throughout the world. You can rent a small home clear up to large homes that can fit up to 30 people. The locations also range from New York City and Paris to Bora Bora, Hilton Head, and Hawaii.

The discount from VRBO is different than a lot of other brands since it’s a platform for people to list their vacation rentals. The way military discounts work with VRBO is that the individual owners give the discount which seems to range from 5% to 15% off the total price excluding taxes. You’ll have to find owners who offer a military discount using the search function and then use their instructions to verify your eligibility and receive the discount. Make sure you follow these instructions in order to receive the discount.



  1. I booked already reservation #300554. Didn’t see that i could get a military discount. I am not even sure that i have the rental since i have a confirming and al ssf o notice that it isn’t available. Hmm how do i know i have it booked? Only had $72 pulled out of my account. Please advise

    1. Hi Todd,

      You’ll have to contact the owner of the property to see if they offer a military or veteran discount. There are many who do not offer any type of military discount and most won’t offer a discount once the property is already booked. You’ll have to contact the property you booked or you can always contact VRBO through their website for more information on how their discounts work.

  2. How Does an owner find out the renter is really military? Is there a site somewhere that can be added to their page that a military person can verify for owner? Thanks Julie Lewis

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