Verizon Phone Deals, iPhone Deals, and Promo Codes

Verizon DealsFind all of the best deals for Verizon Wireless on this page including the latest working promo codes, iPhone deals, and promotions for new customers. Browse all of the deals below along with tips on how you can save on both phones and data plans.

Best Phone Deals and Promo Codes

  • $50 Off New Phones Including iPhone X, iPhone 8 and More – click the link and use the promo code VZWDEAL at checkout to receive an instant $50 off popular phones like the iPhone X and iPhone 8 during this sale.
  • Save $200 + Get 50% Off With Trade-In – trade-in your old device to get up to $200 off plus an additional 50% off select devices. Follow the link for more information on this trade-in promotion.
  • $150 Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card When You Switch – continue through this link to activate an offer where you can get a $150 prepaid Mastercard Gift Card when you switch to Verizon Wireless. This means you can get $150 per new line that you switch over to Verizon. Some exclusions apply.
  • $300 Off Google Pixel 2 – for a limited time you can get the Google Pixel 2 for $300 off the original price. There’s no promo code required. The discounted price should show up at checkout. Trade-in is required for this offer.
  • $200 Off Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – receive $200 off the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 during this sale. You can receive another $100 off your total by trading in your old device when opening a new line of data. Free shipping is included.
  • Up To 50% Off With Select Trade-In Promotions – switch to Verizon and trade in your old device to get up to 50% off your new phone purchase. Follow the link to find this trade-in offer and other trade-in promo codes available to help you save.
  • Up To $300 Off Android Phones (No Trade In Required) – new customers and those switching to Verizon can get up to $300 off select Android phones during this sale. There’s no trade-in required to receive this discount.

What Deals Are Available At Verizon Wireless?
Verizon Wireless usually has a good selection of deals available for new customers as well as existing customers. You can usually find a discount on top phones such as the newest iPhone along with even larger discounts on Android phones. We’ve given you a breakdown of the most popular types of deals you can find on this page for Verizon and the best ways to save on your plans and phones.

  • Promo Codes For Up To $100 Off – Verizon usually has a promo code available for $100 off new phone purchases with a data plan. This deal should work for new customers as well as existing customers who are adding a new line to their account. The code changes regularly, but you should be able to find it towards the top of this page and on the website.
  • Trade-In Promo Codes and Promotions – Some of the best offers you can take advantage of are the trade-in promotions. These promotions (sometimes in the form of promo codes) will usually give you a certain amount for your device in account credits along with discounts on the new phone you purchase. These trade-in promotions are great for new customers who are switching to Verizon along with existing customers who are taking advantage of upgrading to a new plan or adding new lines.
  • No Upgrade Fee Deals – If you’re being charged a fee to upgrade your plan or phone then you can sometimes find deals that void this fee. We will post the waived upgrade fee deals on this page, but they are becoming rarer as of late.

New Customer Deals and New Line Deals
If you’re adding a new line to your current plan or a new customer completely then you’re eligible for most of their top deals. These deals will give you a certain promotion for each new line you add to a data plan which can be anything from $100 off for each new phone you add to gift cards for up to $150.

If you’re a new customer switching from another wireless company then you can be eligible for even more deals which are usually for paying off any existing charges you may owe your previous provider. We’ve seen a variety of deals including up to $300 per line to switch along with free upgrades and discounted data plans. You will have to show that you’re switching your number over from a competitor such as AT&T or T-Mobile to be eligible.

Most of the deals we provide on this page are targeted towards new customers and those adding new lines. Existing customers will have a harder time finding top deals, but we will still have a few offers on this page. Existing customers looking for deals on this page should look for promo codes for phones along with things like free upgrades, free activation, and promo codes for accessories like cases and chargers.

How To Switch To Verizon Wireless (and save money)
Switching To Verizon Wireless is pretty simple for most customers. You can either go to the store where they will walk you through the steps, or most can do it just as easily from home. Switching to Verizon only takes a few steps, but may be slightly different depending on which wireless provider you’re switching from as AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile all have slightly different policies and billing.

The Verizon website will walk you through step-by-step as well, so once you get started with one of the links on this page you will be able to move quickly. The guide below also takes into consideration that you’re still currently on a data plan with another wireless company.

  1. Check to see if your phone number is eligible to switch (via Verizon website)
  2. Sign up for the Verizon data plan that’s right for you and/or your family.
  3. Cancel your existing plan with your current provider (you may have to pay off any current bills and the existing amount on your device)
  4. Once you’ve canceled your previous plan and have signed up for Verizon you can then either use the new device they’ve sent or you can use your current device. If you’re bringing your previous phone over to Verizon then you’ll have to follow the steps given to you with your data plan purchase. (most promotions for switching in which they pay your early termination fees or pay off your old device will require you to trade in your old phone)

We do our best to keep this page updated with all of the best deals for Verizon Wireless with a focus on deals for new customers switching to their wireless plans from other carriers. While these deals should be up to date, you’ll want to double check with the Verizon website before making any decisions as some deals may only be available to select customers (such as only when you switch from T-Mobile, etc).

These deals were last updated in October 2018.

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