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Verizon Business Military Discount And Plans

Does Verizon Business offer a military discount? Yes, Verizon Business offers military discounts for both their business internet and business wireless plans. These discounts work for active duty along with veterans. You can find more information below detailing how much your business will save with each discount.

Verizon Business Internet Military/Veteran Discount: Up To $10 Per Month Discount

Verizon Business Wireless Military/Veteran Discount: $5 Per Month Per Line

Find all of the best Verizon business deals and discounts on this page along with pricing and information on Verizon’s Business Unlimited plan. You can find deals to get up to $400 off each new phone line on their business unlimited plan along with information on how to get the cheapest prices possible. Use the links below to claim your deal.

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Verizon Business Deals, Discounts, And Free Phone Promotions

Verizon Business Unlimited Wireless Plans And Pricing

This is the basic monthly pricing for Verizon’s Business Wireless plans for those having 5+ lines (with auto-pay enabled) which is the average small to medium business. The prices can change depending on multiple factors, and remember that taxes and other fees can be added to the total depending on your services and where you live.

  • Business Unlimited Start 2.0 – $30 per line (plus taxes and fees)
  • Business Unlimited Plus 2.0 – $35 per line (plus taxes and fees)
  • Business Unlimited Pro 2.0 – $45 per line (plus taxes and fees)
  • more information on plans and discounts

While we do our best to keep all of the pricing up-to-date, make sure you check your plans and amount of lines on the Verizon website to get an exact quote on the monthly price.

Verizon Business Internet Military Discount

If you have Verizon Fios Business or other Verizon Business internet for your small business then you can get their military discount. The current discount for business internet through Verizon is $10 per month per account for their gigabit plans. For all other business internet plans, the discount is $5 per month. This discount is automatically applied once you’ve confirmed your eligibility.

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Verizon Business Unlimited Wireless Military Discount

If you qualify for the military discount through Verizon then you can receive $5 off per line when you have a Verizon Business Unlimited plan. You have to have one of the business unlimited plans to currently be eligible for this military discount. This currently knocks their plans down to around $30 per line (before taxes and fees) with the discount available for up to 99 lines.

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Verizon Business FAQs

This section will have all of the most frequently asked questions about Verizon Business. You will be able to find all of the FAQs below as they’re added to this page. If you have a question about Verizon Business feel free to email us using our contact page and we will do our best to help you find the answer.

How Many Minimum Lines Do I Have To Purchase For Verizon Business Wireless plans? You can have a Verizon Business Wireless plan with just one line. You don’t need to purchase dozens of lines to have a business plan with Verizon. Most of the discounts and promotions are focused on businesses with 5 or more lines.

Do I have to own a business to get Verizon Business Wireless plans? Yes, according to multiple sources you will have to provide basic information about your business to get a business plan. You may be able to open a business account without an official business, but the pricing isn’t much different than the personal plans so you’re not saving money or getting more data for less by going this route.

Does Verizon Business offer free phones? Verizon does offer free phones occasionally as promotions for their wireless service. To get the free phones during promotions you will usually have to add a line for each new device given. The free phones are also usually older model iPhone’s and some are not as popular Android phones. So always check to make sure it makes sense for your business before taking a free phone offer.

While we do our best to keep the deals and pricing updated, you will want to check with the official Verizon Business website for any changes. Some of the promotions available are only for new customers, but we do have the occasional existing customer offer if you’re adding new lines to your account.

Looking for a military discount on a Verizon Wireless personal plan? Check out our Verizon military discount page for more information.

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