Unlimited Data Plans (2018) – Verizon vs. AT&T vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint

Having an unlimited plan is a must for those who stream video and more from their phones. If your phone is the main source of your internet then you’ll need an unlimited plan that’s fast and also doesn’t break the bank. In this guide, we’ve detailed the cheapest unlimited data plans we could find that also hit all of our guidelines for fast speeds, good nationwide coverage, and an overall good value. We will update this page as new unlimited plans are available. Check out our quick guide below to find the cheapest unlimited plans with the entire guide below that for the overall best plans.

Unlimited Plans By Price (Cheapest To Most Expensive)

Note: These are the lowest advertised prices for unlimited data plans from the major US carriers. The T-Mobile plan also comes with all of the fees and taxes included in the price which means that for some customers the T-Mobile plan might actually be the cheapest. Instead of breaking down the thousands of different possibilities with your local taxes and fees we’ve just simply put the lowest prices we could find for these carriers. So take local taxes and fees into consideration when breaking down your total monthly price.

Best Unlimited Plan: T-Mobile One Unlimited

T-MobileT-Mobile now has one plan called the “Unlimited One” plan that covers all of their lines. The price you see is the price you pay with this plan as all of the fees and taxes are included in the price. This is why the Unlimited ONE plan currently sits at the top of our list. An individual line will be $70 per month in total with 2 lines for $120, 3 lines for $140, and 4 lines for $160.

These plans are as simple as you can get and come with unlimited high-speed data. T-Mobile’s coverage has expanded in recent years and is now on par for the most part with the other major carriers. The simplicity, coverage, pricing, and the fact that the plan is truly unlimited put it at the top. You can find more information for pricing by following the link below.

Visit T-Mobile | See Detailed Pricing

Best Unlimited Family Plan Option: Sprint Unlimited

SprintWhile we think T-Mobile has Sprint beat on the individual plans, when it comes to family plans Sprint comes out on top. While the price isn’t too much different it’s still enough to make Sprint a great option for unlimited family plans. The price goes down considerably as you add lines and Sprint runs a lot of promotions for free lines and buy one get one free. Their individual plan is still a solid choice, but it’s not going to beat out the T-Mobile one for most customers once you add in taxes and fees. You can find all of the information you need from the links below to get exact pricing for the phone lines you need.

Visit Sprint | See Detailed Pricing

Cheapest No Overage Plan: Straight Talk Unlimited Nationwide

Straight TalkStraight Talk doesn’t offer a completely unlimited plan, but they do have “unlimited” plans that offer a certain amount of high-speed data each month. This plan made our pick as the absolute cheapest available if you’re wanting a decent amount of data and don’t want to worry about paying large overage fees.

They currently offer a 5GB plan for only $45 per month and a 10GB plan for $55. These plans are even cheaper if you choose to auto-refill. This plan is good for those on a tight budget, but if you’re really wanting high-speed unlimited then you are still better offer paying the extra $20 or so dollars to upgrade to the T-Mobile plan.

Visit Straight Talk | See Detailed Pricing

Other Options To Consider

  • AT&T – AT&T does have an unlimited plan, but in order to purchase this plan you must be a DirecTV or AT&T uVerse subscriber. This is the reason it didn’t make our top three. If you’re already a subscriber to one of their services then this is something you may want to check out. They also have new plans where you receive a select amount of high-speed data each month and then slower data after that. This means that no matter how much you use you won’t get hit with expensive overage charges.
  • Verizon – Verizon Wireless doesn’t have an unlimited plan, but they do offer some reasonable plans with larger amounts of data. They have an 8GB shared data plan that also gives you a data boost of 2GB’s per line for just $70 per month. For a single person or a couple this should be enough data for the average consumer (6GB’s per line total when split). They also do run promotions occasionally for their even larger data plans to receive lower monthly pricing.

What You Need To Know About Unlimited Plans

  • Throttling – All of the major carriers are going to throttle “unlimited” data at some point. Throttling, of course, means that once you hit a certain level of data used then you will be put at a lower speed to make sure the network doesn’t get too crowded. Always read the fine print of your unlimited plan to see what their rules are on throttling. For instance, at the time of this article, T-Mobile will throttle users on their unlimited plan who use over over 28GB’s of high-speed data for that month. This is almost tough to hit unless you’re using your data to constantly stream and download larger files. Most users will be somewhere in the 2GB’s to 4GB’s used range.
  • Coverage – Just because you have unlimited data doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use unlimited data. If you don’t have good coverage in your area from your provider then you might as well be paying for a smaller data plan. Always check the coverage map available on the companies website to make sure that you’re in an area with great coverage. Another great source for checking coverage is OpenSignal. They use real customers cell phones to see what coverage is like instead of just what the carrier has covered.
  • Taxes and Fees – Just because a price is advertised at a certain rate doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll pay each month. We do our best to put what your total estimated bill will be and not just the advertised price. When you add in taxes and fees on most plans you’re going to be adding $10+ on to that bill. The fees and taxes will change somewhat depending on where you live. This is something to keep in mind if you’re on a strict budget.
  • Do You Really Need An Unlimited Plan? – Most people don’t really need completely unlimited data. If you’re not a heavy data user then you might be able to save some money by going with a plan that has a larger amount of data but isn’t unlimited. A few carriers also have a no overage clause where even if you go over your allotted data you will just be throttled down to a lower speed and won’t get overage charges. You can check the amount of data you use each month by logging into your wireless provider’s website.

Leave all of your questions and comments about unlimited plans and the plans featured below. We will do our best to answer any questions you have about these plans.

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  1. Leave any questions about our unlimited data plan guide here. You can also leave your own reviews for any unlimited plan you have, even if the brand doesn’t appear on our list. We will do our best to answer any questions and keep all of the information above up to date.

  2. Which plan is actually the overall cheapest instead of just the best cheapest? I’ve heard cricket and metro PCS have the cheapest plans with unlimited data.

    1. We do like the Cricket Wireless plans, but they are not unlimited and only give you a certain amount of high-speed data before you’re throttled. For those type of plans, we did choose Straight Talk over Cricket because of the larger network and coverage. Metro PCS does have an unlimited plan but at $60 per month and the fact you can’t finance a new iPhone or other devices it would make more sense to just go with the T-Mobile plan since they use the same network.

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