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Uhaul Military Discounts

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Uhaul does not currently offer any type of military discount on their website. There have been some reports of those receiving a discount if they call in and ask for the military discount. We cannot find any information on any discount programs for any Uhaul services or products at this time.

Military Discount: Uhaul Does Not Currently Offer A Military Discount

Other Moving Companies Offering Discounts:
Even though Uhaul does not offer a discount, there are a few other moving companies that offer discounts whether they’re military discounts or just generic discounts. We’ve listed moving services below for you to find deals and get a quick quote on your next move. This list will be updated as we update our database.

Leave your questions and comments below about Uhaul’s military discounts. If you’ve called and received a discount let us know so we can update the discounts on this page.

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  1. As of November 7th, 2018 Uhaul does not offer any type of specific discount for military. You can still receive some deals on their website for moving supplies, but we haven’t found any discounts for actual truck rentals and moves. If they start offering a military discount we will update this page with that information.

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