Total Wireless Review

Total Wireless Review – Plans, Prices, and Network Coverage

In this Total Wireless review, we break down their plans and pricing along with giving you a consensus on the reviews of hundreds of customers. The low-cost prepaid carrier has numerous plans to choose from with ways to save even more by following our guide and choosing the right data plan.

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  • Pros: Great pricing and data plans. Good overall coverage using the Verizon network.
  • Cons: Customers who use a lot of data per month (25GB+) may find it just as cheap to go with a major wireless carrier. Customer service could use some work.
  • Bottom Line: Total Wireless has great reviews from customers and being on the Verizon Network gives them data coverage that’s hard to beat. Overall, Total Wireless is a great way to save on your wireless plan and still get all the basics you need.
  • Website:

Total Wireless Plans and Pricing

The prepaid plans at Total Wireless are simple to understand as they’re broken down essentially by how much data you’ll receive. The individual and family plans come with a 30-day (monthly) prepaid plan with the individual plan also having a 90-day option. All plans come with unlimited talk and text unless otherwise noted. You can view all of the latest pricing and information on these plans below.

Single Line Plans

  • Unlimited Talk & Text Only (30-day) – $23.70 Per 30 Days
  • 5GB Plan (30-day) – $33.20 Per 30 Days
  • 25GB Plan (30-day) – $47.50 Per 30 Days
  • 15GB (90-day) – $90 Per 90 Days
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Shared Family Plans

  • 2 Lines Of 15GB (30 Days) – $57 Per 30 Days
  • 3 Lines Of 20GB (30 Days) – $80.70 Per 30 Days
  • 4 Lines Of 25GB (30 Days) – $90 Per 30 Days
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Plan Add-On’s

  • 5GB Extra Add-On Data: $10 Per Month
  • Global Calling: $10 Per Month

* All of these plans are shown with an auto-refill and paperless billing discounts. These prices also do not include taxes and fees.

Customer Reviews and Expert Reviews

We’ve looked through hundreds of different customer reviews for Total Wireless from places like Best Buy, Reddit, Amazon and more. Along with the customer reviews, we’ve also looked through dozens of reviews from experts from places like phone blogs and major tech media.

The overall consensus about Total Wireless is that customers seem to be satisfied with their service. At the time of this review Total Wireless has a 4.5 out of 5 from Best Buy, 4 out of 5 at Amazon, and 3.5 out of 5 from

Customers had a few complaints about their phones being compatible and having trouble setting up their phones, but overall this seemed to be a small group of customers and could be user error. There were also complaints about their customer service. This doesn’t seem to be a huge concern as almost every internet or phone company has thousands or millions of customers complaining about customer service and there weren’t many complaints when compared to the average.

The reviews were positive overall with most customers saying their device and plan was easy to set up. They also said that they’re paying less than they previously did with a major carrier and that their coverage was good. The overall consensus for Total Wireless from both customers and phone experts is positive.

Total Wireless Coverage Map: What Network Do They Use?

Total Wireless Coverage Map
Total Wireless uses the Verizon Wireless network which means that they have coverage throughout the United States. You should have talk and text along with data in all of the major population centers along with many rural communities. When looking through customer reviews, we didn’t see any major complaints about the coverage like we have with other MVNO’s and budget wireless carriers.

The coverage map on their website (as seen above) is not interactive and you can’t type in your address to check the network coverage. They do have solid coverage in almost every area of the United States so coverage shouldn’t be an issue. If you have concerns about the coverage then you can check the coverage map on the Verizon website to see what the 3G and 4G coverage is like for all of the areas you frequent.

Tips For Getting The Cheapest Plan and Phone

  • Use Auto-Refill – If you’re planning on using Total Wireless for a few months then auto-refill will help you save. They give you a discount on your plan when you enable auto-refill and paperless billing, so if you’re going to be using their data plans for a few months then you might as well save a few dollars.
  • BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) – If you have a phone that’s compatible with Total Wireless then the best way to save is to bring your own phone to their plans. You can start using your old phone on their plans right away and you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars.
  • Use A Coupon Code – Total Wireless usually has a few coupon codes available to help you save on their plans and phones. The coupons and deals we’ve seen the most are for their phones with codes for up to 25% off with a max discount of $100. You can use any of the links on this page to access their deals section.

Popular Questions About Total Wireless

The section below lists answers to some of the most popular questions we’ve seen from potential customers about Total Wireless. This includes everything from questions about their unlimited data plans to tethering and compatible phones. We will keep this section updated and add answers to new questions as needed.

Does Total Wireless Allow Tethering Or Mobile Hotspots – Even though there are reports of customers being able to tether their phone and use it as a mobile hotspot, tethering is not officially supported by Total Wireless. This means that even if you get it to work you may receive a notice to not tether.

Can You Share Your Data Plans With Friends And Family? – Yes, they have family plans which are essentially the “shared data plans” that you would find at major wireless carriers like Verizon or AT&T.

What Is Auto-Refill? – Auto-refill simply renews your plan at the end of your 30 or 90 day period. You will be billed for the price agreed upon and your data will renew at that time. Total Wireless gives you a discount for signing up for auto-refill.

What Phones Are Compatible With Total Wireless Plans? – Total Wireless should work with any unlocked CDMA phone. There’s also a large list of compatible phones on their website and you can use the tools provided to check your phone before purchasing a plan. If you’re bringing your own phone then you will need to make sure you purchase an activation kit and follow the instructions.

Does Verizon Own Total Wireless? – No, Verizon Wireless does not own Total Wireless. They simply use their network to power their phone plans. Total Wireless is owned by América Móvil who also owns brands like Tracfone, Straight Talk and more.


Comments and Questions
Are you a customer of Total Wireless? Leave your reviews and comments below to let us know how you like their service. Also, if you’re thinking about signing up for Total Wireless then leave your questions below and we will do our best to answer.

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