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Does Thrive Market have a student discount? No, Thrive Market does not currently have a student discount, but they do have other free membership options for students and other deals that can help you save big. Use the link below to activate your offer.

Discount: 40% Off Your First Order + More

About Thrive Market And Available Discounts
Thrive Market is an online grocery store specializing in healthy organic foods for less than your grocery store, delivered right to your door. They have everything you can find at your grocery store with their own brand of Thrive Market products along with food from Halo, Kettle & Fire, Primal Kitchen, Califia Farms, and many more.

Even though Thrive Market doesn’t have a student discount, they do have a free membership option for students called Thrive Gives. You have to sign up for this free membership on their website and within a few business days, they will contact you to confirm your eligibility.

There are multiple ways you can save on your Thrive Market order. You can take advantage of the free limited membership for students and you can take advantage of first-order promotions. There are numerous discounts and deals available for your first order from Thrive Market.

We’ve seen deals for everything from 40% off to free gifts, free shipping, and other larger discounts. Use any of the links to Thrive Market on this page to find the latest deals available. Almost all of the deals are for your first order only and won’t work for existing customers.

Learn more about Thrive Market and find deals at


Is membership free for students? Yes if you’re a student that qualifies for Thrive Gives then you can get a free membership. Check out the information listed on their official website for more information on how you can use your student information to apply for a free membership.

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