Best Texas Registered Agent Services

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If you’re starting a business or have a business in Texas then you have to have a registered agent. This means you’ll appoint an eligible party as your registered agent or use a professional service In this guide, we give you insight into how much a professional registered agent service costs in Texas along with top services, requirements, and information to help you save.

Best Registered Agent Services In Texas

Below is our rankings of the top registered agent services in Texas along with more information about our top services.

Northwest Registered Agent ($125 Per Year)

Northwest Registered Agent offers registered agent services along with various other business services such as incorporation and business compliance. They have been around for years and have good reviews across multiple websites.

They currently charge $125 per year for their registered agent services which include same-day local scans, free mail forwarding, lifetime support from experts, and reminders for all annual filings, and other things you must do to keep your business legit. Along with all of these extra services they also claim to give you the same exact price every year as the price you signed up for. So you shouldn’t have to deal with the yearly price increases that some of the already more expensive registered agent services seem to have.

You can find more information on their service and see what deals are available using the link below.

Website: NorthwestRegisteredAgent.com

ZenBusiness ($99+ Per Year)
ZenBusiness LogoZenBusiness is our choice for the best choice overall if you need both a registered agent and other business services like starting your LLC. The yearly cost of a registered agent by itself is $99 per year, but if you’re forming your business with ZenBusiness they will give you your first year free. If you currently have a registered agent then you will be charged a small change of agent fee depending on your state.

Their registered agent services include ZenBusiness acting as your registered agent for compliance along with online document access, and expert support access with the standard plan.

They also offer a “Complete Coverage” plan which includes everything previously mentioned along with their “Worry-Free Compliance.” Worry-Free Compliance includes ZenBusiness handling all of your filings, alerts for filing, and a detailed action plan if your company would miss any compliance filings. For most businesses, the regular standard plan would be the best choice. You can find more information about their services using the link below.

Website: ZenBusiness.com

IncFile ($119 Per Year)
IncFile LogoIncFile is known for its incorporation services, but they also provide registered agent services for thousands of businesses around the country. Their registered agent services are straightforward and cover all of the basics for compliance and notification for $119 per year (plus any state fees).

If you don’t already have a business registered then you can incorporate your business with IncFile and get their registered agent service free for one year. You can find more information about their service using the link below.

Website: IncFile.com

Texas Registered Agent Cost

The average price of a professional registered agent in Texas is around $125. There are some cheaper services, but the registered agents with the best reviews and reputation have a price range of $99 to $300.

We’ve found that most of the top services with the best reviews are closer to the average price. We’ve seen some smaller services with bad reviews charging as low as $25 per year for registered agent services. The prices are already low for the top services such as ZenBusiness, so no business should try to save a few dollars on sub-par services to end up having issues with business compliance that causes you to lose your business or not be notified of a lawsuit.

If you’re going to use a professional registered agent service then it’s well worth it to go with one of the companies we listed along with others who are reputable. Since there are many reputable options, most simple businesses don’t need the super-expensive services and features, but instead can just use a basic registered agent service like any of the services we mentioned above.

Can You Be Your Own Registered Agent In Texas?

Yes, you can be your own registered agent in the state of Texas as long as you’re at least 18 years of age, have a physical address located in Texas, and available during regular business hours to receive service of process.

There may be other stipulations and other ways you can save money by being your own registered agent or appointing someone to be your registered agent. Check with the Texas Secretary of State website for full details on all requirements.

Requirements To Be A Registered Agent In Texas

The requirements to appoint someone else as your registered agent are pretty much the same requirements as being your own registered agent listed above. The appointed registered agent must have a permanent address located in the state of Texas, be over the age of 18, and be available during regular business hours. You can find more information on the Texas SOS website where you can go more in-depth as well as even set up or change your registered agent.

We do our best to keep this page updated with the most up-to-date information we’ve found about registered agents and registered agent services in Texas. Always check the Texas Secretary Of State’s website for more information and in-depth information about registered agent requirements and more.

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