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If you’re starting an LLC in Texas you’ll have to give your business a name. You will also have to make sure that name isn’t already taken by another business in the state and that it meets the requirements. Use our guide below to do a free business name search to see if your business name is still available.

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How To Find Available Texas LLC Names

Search The Texas Taxable Entity Name Database (Secretary Of State Business Search)

The Texas Secretary of State’s website has a Taxable Entity Database that lists all of the current businesses registered in the state. You can search for a business or search your business name to see if it’s taken.

You can also call the Texas Secretary of State using the number on their website to ask for information about a business name.

Check Texas Business Trademarks

It’s always smart to also check out trademarks in the state as well as federal trademarks. You can use national trademark search or the Texas Secretary Of State trademarks search page that gives you information on how to search for trademarks as well as guidelines.

Register Your Business Name

Once you’ve done a business name search you can register your business name with the state to get started forming your business. You can follow the guides on the Texas Secretary Of State website or you can use a professional service such as ZenBusiness which will make sure your business name fits all guidelines and isn’t already in use.

FAQ About Texas Business Names

Does it cost money to do a business search in Texas? No, it’s currently free to do a business search in the state of Texas using the method shown above. You can use it to look up any business or to see if a business name is taken.

If you’re doing the official search to register your name then there is a $1 fee to search the name. You can pay for this type of search after you’ve researched more information and completed the free search.

Are there restrictions on what you can name your business? Yes, Texas has numerous rules and restrictions on what you can name your business. The rules are pretty simple, but you can read all of the excluded words and rules on the Texas SOS (Secretary of State) website. You can also get help naming your business from a business formation service such as ZenBusiness or IncFile.

Can you reserve your business name? Yes, Texas allows you to reserve your business name (if it’s available) for up to 120 days. The fee depends on multiple factors and changes regularly. According to our research, it seems like the current fee is $40, but you can find that information on their website for your unique situation.

Note: Always consult with a legal professional when dealing with any legal aspects of your business. You can also contact the Texas Secretary Of State about certain issues where they can give you more information to help you with your decision and answer any questions pertaining to naming your business in the state.

If you’re looking for a service to help you form your new business then check out our best Texas LLC formation services page. It’s updated regularly with the top services with many of the services offering cheap or even free LLC formation.

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