Texas LLC Cost: Cost To Start An LLC In Texas?

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When starting an LLC in Texas you’ll want to know most of the costs that you’ll incur. We’ve broken down the basic costs of starting an LLC in Texas including filing fees as well as other costs that you must pay and other optional services. Also, look out for deals and discounts we’ve found to help you save when starting your LLC.

LLC Filing Fee: $300
Annual LLC Fee: Varies (franchise tax model)
LLC Name Search: $0
EIN Number: $0 (Free On IRS Website)
Registered Agent: $0-$200 (Per Year)
LLC Formation Service (Optional): $49 At ZenBusiness

About LLC Formation Services: You can save time and have experts form your Texas LLC by using a business formation service such as IncFile (Starting At $0) or ZenBusiness (Starting At $49) to help you set up your LLC.

Other Costs Of Starting An LLC In Texas

Aside from the basics of LLC formation, there are a few other fees and costs that may pop up when starting an LLC. We mentioned a few of those costs above but we’re breaking it down more below.

Registered Agent – Your registered agent receives all of the important business documents such as annual filing information and notification of lawsuits, plus much more. If you’re looking for a professional registered agent we currently recommend Northwest Registered Agents, but there are numerous options available.

EIN (Employee Identification Number) – Getting your EIN (Employee Identification Number) number is easy and free. You simply go to the IRS website where you follow the directions and receive your EIN number. There are some businesses that will charge you to help you file an EIN, but most business owners should be able to figure it out easily for free.

Business Licenses – Depending on the local and state regulations for your specific business you may need certain business licenses. Check with the Texas Secretary of State website along with local government agencies and professional services to see what licenses you may need for your business.

Annual LLC Fee – Texas does not have the regular yearly LLC filing fee that many states require. Texas uses a franchise fee according to the government website. This means that you pay annual fees for your LLC depending on numerous factors, but most businesses in the state end up not paying any fee at all. Check the Texas Secretary of State website for more information on what you may need to pay.

We do our best to keep all of this information up to date. Always check with your local state offices to confirm the current costs of starting an LLC in the state of Texas along with any local fees you may have to pay for your business. If you’re interested in how much it costs to file an LLC in other states check out our LLC filing fees by state page to see how Texas compares to other states on the total cost of starting an LLC.

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