Tello Coupons and Discounts (Students, Military, and 50% Off)

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Tello Phones
Save even more on the already low prices of Tello phone plans with the best coupons and discounts we can find. This includes everything from coupon codes and deals to specific discounts for students, military, teachers and more. We will post a featured deal below along with any specific discounts.

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  • Student Discounts – Find the perfect cheap plan for students with plans ranging from $5 per month to $39 per month. Save up to 50% off compared to what you would pay at major wireless companies like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile for their data plans.
  • Military Discounts – As of right now, there isn’t a specific discount for military or veterans from Tello. You can still take advantage of the featured coupons available above.

About Tello
Tello is known for its customizable no-contract plans that give you full control of your minutes, texts, and data. You can choose exactly how much you need of each to cut out things you don’t use to hopefully save some money.

In this review below, we will take a look at their prepaid plans including pricing and any reviews from customers. The coverage map for Tello is also available on this page to see what the coverage is like in your area. The coverage for Tello matters because if the coverage isn’t great in your area then the rest of the review doesn’t matter. You can find the full review of their coverage below followed by the coverage of their plans and pricing.

Tello Coverage Map and Availability (3G and 4G LTE)

Tello uses the Sprint network for their service which means if Sprint has great coverage in your area then Tello should have as well. You can find your locations on the maps below or use the Tello website where you can search your address and get instant information on the coverage in your area.

Tello Coverage Map (via Sprint Network)
Tello Coverage Map (Via Sprint Network Coverage For Data and Voice)

As you can see, Tello has coverage in most major population centers of the United States using the Sprint network. There are a few areas where the service isn’t great, but if you’ve had Sprint before and it works in your area then there’s a good chance that Tello will work as well. The easiest way to confirm the coverage in your area is to use the tool on their website mentioned previously.

The Good

  • Nationwide 4G LTE Coverage On Sprint’s Network – When you use Tello you’re on the Sprint 4G LTE network. This will give you high-speed data on most areas of the United States. You can check their coverage map to make sure there’s coverage in your area before you sign up.
  • Calls To Mexico and Canada – Your plan’s minutes can be used for calls to both Mexico and Canada. They also have low rates for India, Cuba, and China.
  • Ability To Tether – You can use the data on your plan to tether and provide an internet connection to other devices. Tethering isn’t always available with prepaid plans, but Tello has this option enabled on all of their plans.
  • No Contract and Can Change Plans At Any Time – If you’re someone who has changing needs when it comes to minutes and data then you will like their customizable plans. You can choose exactly how many texts, minutes, and data you need. Since this is a no-contract plan you can essentially change it each month.

The Bad

  • Full Price For Phones – Just like other prepaid wireless providers, you’ll have to either bring your own device or pay full price. At this time they don’t provide any type of financing deal like other major providers like Verizon or AT&T. You can still get great deals on refurbished iPhones at places like Amazon or eBay.
  • Larger Data Plans Can Get Expensive – Some of their larger data plans can get expensive. Their “Data Savvy” plan comes with 5GB’s of data but includes no text messages at $55 per month. You can get an unlimited plan from major wireless providers for around $70 per month with unlimited text and minutes.
  • Sprint’s Network Isn’t Fast Everywheree – Even though Sprint’s network does cover most major metro areas, there are many smaller cities and rural communities where there isn’t high-speed data available. This is when comparing Sprint’s network to those of AT&T and Verizon.

Tello Plans and Prices:

  • Economy – 100 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB data for $9/month
  • Value – 500 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB data for $21/month
  • Smart (Most Popular) – unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 2GB data for $39/month
  • Data Savvy – 500 minutes, no texts, and 5GB data for $55/month
  • Build Your Own Plan – When building your own plan you can choose the exact amount of minutes, text, and data you need.
  • find more information on plans

All of Tello’s plans are no contract and can be reconfigured whenever you need. The plans come with a set amount of high-speed 4G LTE data and then are throttled down to 64kbps once you have used up the data on your plan for that billing period.

Our Take
Tello can be a great pickup for those who are needing a flexible plan with a low amount of minutes, texts, and data. This is also a great option for those who may only need a phone for a short period of time and have Sprint’s network in their area. If you’re someone who uses a lot of data then there are much better options as detailed in this review. Overall this is a prepaid plan and is built for those who want low prices and options. This is exactly what Tello can provide.

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    1. How is customer service. My husband wants only talk and I want talk and text. This looks like the plan for us. Is it really good? We currently have verizon and we are paying $90
      monthly which is ridiculous!

  2. We’ve updated the information on this Tello review to include more information about comparable wireless plans from competitors such as the recently shuttered RingPlus.

  3. found out that on use of data, Tello allows tethering (hotspot) only for up to 1 gb of data, then no tethering allowed. would like to see that in bold type on their website.

    1. Thanks for the information. We will look into this and add it to the review once we receive more details.

  4. We’ve updated our review of Tello with more information on coverage and availability including a map of their coverage. Tello runs on the Sprint network, so the map shows both voice and text coverage for Tello’s Sprint Network throughout the United States.

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