T-Mobile Corporate Discounts List


T-Mobile, like many other wireless providers, has a large corporate discount list where many major companies offer big savings. If you work for one of the employers on their discounts list you can receive big discounts on your phones as well as plans. Corporate discounts are one of the best ways to save each month on your plan with some major employers offering up to 20% off the total monthly price.

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We’ve compiled a list of corporate discounts from T-Mobile as well as a guide on how to search for your employer and make sure you’re receiving all of the discounts available. We do our best to keep this list updated, but we don’t make any guarantees to the current validity of these discounts so always check with T-Mobile as well as your employer to see what the current rate is.

Current List of T-Mobile Corporate and Employee Discounts

New Way To Save: You can still call T-Mobile to see what special discounts are available by following this link to their website or by calling 877-447-1264. You can many times get close to the same discount as the corporate discount by having their specialist figure out the right plan for you and check their database of discounts that can’t be found anywhere else. The call will only take a few minutes to complete and you should be able to get a better deal on your plan using the discounts available or find some type of other offers to save. You can find some deals online, but the corporate discounts are much easier to figure out by simply calling the number found at the top of any page on their website.

Other Guides To Corporate and Other Discounts:

If you have any questions about their corporate discounts or changes in the discounts plan you can leave them below in the comments section.

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    1. We were told to take down the old list as it was confusing customers who were going to their website or calling wanting those discounts. T-Mobile has ended the corporate discount program for the time being, but if they add any new corporate discounts we will post them here. The best way to find discounts now is to call T-Mobile using the number within the article. They usually have discounts that can’t be found on their website and give you savings close to what some of the corporate discounts gave.

      1. I hate to be one of those people who asks what seems to be already answered, but does this include the discount they had previously continued for military, Veterans, and government employees when they originally pulled the discounts two years ago?
        I ask because there is so much conflicting information about these three online, every site says something a little different and I can’t find a straight answer – but your site, with your last reply just a couple weeks ago, might be the most recently updated I’ve come across tonight.
        Thank you!

        1. From the information we’ve seen, they still do have what is called the “Advantage” program for military and veterans. You will have to call the number included in this article to find out more information and verify that you’re eligible. They changed it to only a $25 gift card each time you purchase a new phone, which in our opinion isn’t worth the time getting signed up and verified. You can usually find a coupon code on our website for T-Mobile that’s more than $25 off the total. The only active program with true discounts is their education discounts for teachers and students signing up for new plans. Hopefully that answered your question. The best way is to of course just give them a quick call and just make sure you’re not eligible for any type of discount.

  1. Trying to get a military discount. I have tried the websites and not getting anywhere. Please help me find the discount.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      The easiest way to get your military discount is to call the T-Mobile deals line at 1-877-413-5903. They should be able to help you find any discounts along with the right plan for your exact situation. If there’s a military discount for your plan then they should be able to quickly find it and give you all the details.

    1. As of right now, we don’t have any information on which specific companies offer a discount for T-Mobile. You will have to go through one of the provided links above in the article and give T-Mobile a call to figure out what discounts are available. This is the easiest and quickest way right now as most of the information online about corporate discounts is not up to date.

  2. I am having problems trying to get recertification for my teacher’s Discount with the NJEA and the NEA. Please help me with my 11th of the month education discount.

    1. We actually have a separate page that talks about getting teachers and educational discounts for T-Mobile. You can find the page by following this link. The process to receive a teacher’s discount is different than a corporate discount which is currently not available.

    1. Hi Diane, you can give T-Mobile a call at 877-447-1264 to see what coupon codes they currently have available or go to their website by following that link. We have our own T-Mobile coupons page here where you can find some deals. The best way to find discounts on plans and phones available remains calling the number provided above.

    1. There are some cities and states along with government employees who can be eligible for corporate discounts. You will have to ask your employee or visit the link and/or use the number within the article above.

    1. In order to figure out if your business is eligible you will have to use the number in the article or visit their website. We don’t have any specific information at this time about Motel 6.

  3. I have recently started for a company who has given the employees a group number and told us that with the group number we would receive the corporate discount. Can you tell me how to get this started?

    1. We don’t have any specific information on whether NYC Transit employees receive any type of discount, but you can go to their website at T-Mobile.com then call the number provided on that page to ask about specific discounts. They should be able to tell you whether there’s any discount available.

  4. I called today march 2,2017 and was told Tmobile no longer offers any corporate discounts because their Tmobile one plan is cheap already. My job used to get discounts from T-Mobile but now sadly no :(

    1. You should still be able to find a few other discounts on phones and more by using the deals page for T-Mobile on our website. This can include things such as cashback when you purchase a new phone on a plan and more. T-Mobile and other carriers seem to be changing things quickly so it makes it tough to keep up on prices and discounts. We will do our best to find more information and update this page with any new information on corporate discounts.

  5. Since T-Mobile no longer offers corporate discounts, we’ve negotiated an exclusive deal with T-Mobile for our visitors to receive $50 off any new phone or device they purchase when you purchase a new plan. You can follow this link to find more information on this deal. You’ll have to follow the instructions on the T-Mobile website and mention our promo code to receive this exclusive discount.

    1. Hi. I just received an email asking me to update my info to continue to receive my discount through my last job. Unfortunately I no longer work there. Can I submit my new company? Or how do I see if my husbands company has this program?

      Thank you

      1. Hi Nikki,

        T-Mobile has now restarted their corporate discount program. It’s essentially just discounts on certain phones and things like a rewards gift card when you add a new line or upgrade an eligible device. The easiest way to see if you’re eligible for a discount with your new employer or to see if your husband employer has a discount is to go to their website and then search for “T-Mobile Advantage” or simply call the number found on their website.

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