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Straight Talk Review: Comparing Plans, Pricing, and Coverage

Quick Review: Straight Talk is a low-cost option for your wireless provider that has great coverage throughout the country with numerous unlimited data plans at low prices. You can find the full review below.

Straight Talk is becoming a popular option for those looking to save money while still being able to take advantage of an unlimited data plan. Many of those switching over to a carrier that isn’t one of the major carriers will have many questions that we will hopefully answer in our review guide of their plans. Since Straight Talk runs off the Sprint network with a combination of AT&T and T-Moble, you should be able to get coverage and make this carrier an option wherever you live. Browse through our guide to Straight Talk plans below.

Straight Talk Unlimited Plans and Pricing

Most of the plans from Straight Talk are “unlimited” plans. This means that they give you a certain amount of high-speed data before throttling the speeds down to 2G or lower. For most users, you could easily get by with 5GB per line which is their cheapest. They’re also one of the few carriers that give you the choice of pre-paying for the entire year to get a discount. Find information on each of their current unlimited data plans below.

  • 30-Day Unlimited Plan (5GB) for $45/month
  • 30-Day Unlimited Plan (10GB) for $55/month
  • 30-Day Unlimited International Plan (5GB) for $60/month
  • 3-Month Unlimited Plan (5GB/month) for $130
  • 6-Month Unlimited Plan (5GB/month) for $255
  • 1-Year Unlimited Plan (5GB/month) for $495
  • find more information on these plans

All plans include unlimited text and calling. The monthly plans also offer an auto-refill feature to give you a discount when your next month is automatically billed.

What Phones Are Available On Straight Talk Plans?

When you have a plan with Straight Talk you can use almost any phone available including the newest versions of the iPhone. In the past, there were only a few cheaper phones with fewer features available but now you can essentially get any phone you want. You can purchase these phones from their website, or you can bring your own phone that you purchased from major retailers as long as Straight Talk shows that it’s compatible on their website.

Straight Talk will usually have deals available to help you save on phones when you combine them with one of their plans. These discounts can be up to 20% off when you bundle. Another great way to purchase phones for your plan is to purchase from somewhere such as Best Buy, Amazon, or Walmart where you can finance the devices if you’re purchasing something more expensive like a new iPhone.

Staight Talk vs. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile

As we mentioned previously, Straight Talk relies on the Sprint network along with T-Mobile and AT&T for their coverage. This makes it so that you can get coverage in most areas of the United States. Their coverage is very similar to the other carriers that we’ve compared it to with the only downside being that you don’t currently have the option to get a 2-year contract or lease a phone. This is the main difference between Straight Talk and let’s say Verizon or AT&T. At Straight Talk, you will have to purchase your device at full price, but then you will be able to take advantage of prepaid unlimited data plans that are currently priced lower than you can find at any of the major providers.

Straight Talk Deals: Promo Codes For Straight Talk

If you already have a device then you can check its compatibility with the Straight Talk network through their website. Straight Talk is a joint venture between Tracfone and Walmart, so you would also be able to go into most Walmart’s to find more information on plans and if your current phone would work with their plans. Another downside of Straight Talk in comparison with the major carriers is they don’t run deals to help you switch. This means that if you’re cutting a contract early you won’t be able to find an offer to pay your early termination fees or other fees associated with switching to another carrier before your contract expires.

How Is The Coverage From Straight Talk

Straight Talk Coverage Map

Out of the “discount” carriers, Straight Talk has some of the best coverage nationwide. You can get high-speed data coverage from Straight Talk in most major metro areas as well as mid-size cities and smaller markets throughout the United States. Straight Talk’s network runs on both CDMA and GSM which means depending on your device you will be running on a combination of Verizon and Sprint’s network or T-Mobile and AT&T. This eliminates almost all gaps in coverage. You can view their coverage by zip code on their website to make sure that you have strong coverage in your area for both voice and data.

This page is updated regularly with the latest information and reviews of Straight Talk’s data plans for cell phones and other devices. Leave any comments or questions below and our staff will do our best to help you figure out which plan is right for you. You can also leave all of your reviews below.

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  1. How fast are Straight Talks unlimited plans? I’ve heard that the unlimited data is super slow which pretty much means having unlimited data is pointless. Are there plans where you can pay for fast unlimited data or is it just you’re doomed and should go with one of the larger carriers?

    1. As we mentioned, Straight Talk runs off a network that combines both AT&T and T-Mobile so you should be able to get decent coverage just about everywhere within the United States.

      According to their website, you’re purchasing a set amount of high-speed data for each plan which should be similar to the data speed on the AT&T/T-Mobile networks. Once you’ve used up that data then you’ll go to a throttled data speed which is going to be pretty slow and you more than likely won’t be able to stream video or do other things that require a decent data speed. You can look through the plans above and you should be able to find something that gives you the amount of data you need at a price that’s lower than the other major networks when you combine the price of the device, etc.

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