Sprint Family Plan

Best Sprint Family Plan and Deals (4 Lines Or More)

Sprint is known for having some of the cheapest wireless plans available and their family plans are no different. We break down your family plan options at Sprint to give you our opinion on which option is your best. Sprint has essentially two different options for family plans with a basic plan and plus plan. We give you our choice on the best plan below along with information on that plan such as pricing and features.

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Sprint Unlimited Plus Family Plan (Our Choice)

The Unlimited Plus Family Plan is our top choice as far as family plan options from Sprint. This plan will give you everything you need without the huge price tag when you compare the features with the likes of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. You can usually get a plan with 4 lines of unlimited data with this plan for just under $150.

The Unlimited Plus plan has unlimited talk, text, and data. Along with those main features, this plan will also give you a 15GB LTE hotspot and global roaming as well as free subscriptions to Hulu and Tidal. These features can change regularly, so always check the Sprint website to make sure you’re receiving these features before purchasing. You can find more information on the pricing of this plan below along with special deals.

Unlimited Plus Family Plan Pricing

  • 2 Lines – $110 per month
  • 3 Lines – $135 per month
  • 4 Lines – $140 per month
  • 5 Lines – $145 per month
  • find more info on plans

DEAL: Up To 20% Off Your Family Plan (Click To Find Offers)

These prices are estimates and may also reflect promotional pricing. Always check out the pricing models through the Sprint website for accurate pricing on your exact wireless plan. These prices may also exclude local taxes and fees.

(This section was last updated in September 2018)

Update: You can find information about the newest Sprint family plan above. The information below is for their old family plan and some of the information now may be outdated. We will be updating the entire page soon with all of the information on this new plan, but until then you can get our quick overview of the new family plan above including pricing and more.

The new Sprint family plan, now better known as a “Framily” plan, has been all over the place recently from TV commercials to online ads. Just like other family wireless plans and wireless plans, in general, it can be downright confusing to figure out if you can actually save money on these plans. The Framily plan is much different than many other family plans as you can add friends (Family + Friends = Framily) which leads to even more confusion. The great thing is even though it may be a little tricky to figure out at first there are much more opportunities to save as the major wireless companies have started to compete for your business with T-Mobile leading the shake-up.

On this page, you can find our guide to Sprint’s family plans including things such as basic reviews of the details as well as prices, how you can get the best deal, specific family plans for the iPhone, unlimited family plan offerings and more. Search through the guide below and leave us any questions in the comment section so we can answer them quickly.

[Framily Plan Deal: There's currently a deal on the Sprint Framily Plan where you can get a $100 prepaid Visa card for signing up as well as numerous phones for free. Continue through the link for more information.

How Much Does The Family Plan Cost?
Unlimited My Way Sprint Family Plan Pricing Per LineJust like other family plans the Sprint Family Plan options can be customized to your exact needs. This means that the actual pricing can vary depending on how much data you need as well as other factors such as phones, local taxes, activation fees and more.

As you can see from the graphic the first phone on your plan will currently run you $50 per month on the Sprint Unlimited My Way Family Plan. In this plan the first phone is $50 per month, the second is $40 per month, third is $30 per month, and phones 4 through 10 are $20 per month each. Be aware that this just covers your unlimited minutes and text messages and does not include data. To add data you will pay $10 per month per line for basic phones, 1GB per line for smartphones at $20 per month, and unlimited data at $30 per line.

Are There Any Deals Available?
The deals for family plans come down more to the phones themselves than the plan. You can find savings on the phones through our promo codes section for Sprint or you can simply check the Sprint deals section on Sprint.com where they will post any discounts on phones. These deals on the phones are usually for discounted prices as well as sales and even a promo code from time to time. If you’re a new customer then you can usually find better deals available than if you’re an existing customer doing an upgrade.

What is the Sprint “Framily” Plan?
The “Framily” plan from Sprint is their new family plan open to select regions and customers. Framily, in this case, stands for friends and family as you can add them both to your group plan. It works by allowing you to add your family and friends to the group plan for a select amount per line. Since you allow friends onto your bill Sprint has set up the group family plans in a way that you can select who gets separate bills to pay for their share of the plan.

In this plan, you get unlimited talk and text plus 1GB of data for each line. The more people that join into your “Framily” group the lower your bill can be at the end of the month. There are various plans available within this deal. When purchasing the plan and adding new family and friends you can customize everything to make it just the way you like to fit your life.

What Phones Are Available?
When you purchase a family plan you are simply getting the discounts when compared to individual plans, so the phones you can purchase do not change. This means that you can purchase all of the latest and greatest phones without having to choose from a bargain bin selection like some carriers in the past. You can purchase the iPhone with your family plan as well as other great phones from Samsung, HTC, LG and so on. If you’re a new customer there are many discounts available as previously mentioned to help you save.

Still Confused About Sprint’s Family Plan Options?
Family plans can be tough to figure out. There are dozens of different options available and the pricing can change drastically by adding just a few gigabytes of data per line. This is why if you’re still confused about the best way to really figure out the pricing and what you need is to simply walk through the process. This means going to the Sprint website and just choosing the number of phones you want. The exact smartphones don’t matter as you’re not going to check out. Next just go through the process of choosing plans as you would if you were really purchasing. This will allow you to play around with the numbers to see how much your bill will be. Try changing the data around to see the large price differences.

Remember that not everyone will need unlimited data, especially if they are within WiFi range throughout the day. Going through the motions of the plan is an easy way to see how much a plan will really cost and can also help you make the decision of whether Sprint is right for you.

If you still have questions about the plans then leave them below in the comments. We will do our best to try to find you the answers to any questions you have.


    1. This “Framily” plan is the biggest waste of time. My sister, mother and I were in the Sprint store from 6pm until after 9pm (I am not exaggerating) trying to get them to merge our acccounts onto my sister’s Framily plan. So we found out that you have to either do the Easy pay (but pay all of the taxes upfront) and buy the whole phone over a two year period or if you pay about $150 (iPhone 5s) you can purchase the phone but they will still charge you $15 a month for not being under “contract” (the government is trying to end contracts so they say). So instead of them simply closing our accounts out and merging them onto the already established Framily ID, they created 2 new accounts and put them both under my sister making her responsible for 3 phones on one bill. So after speaking to a rep on the phone she says that you will have to take the phone back to Sprint and pay the $35 restocking fee (yeah right) and tell them that you now want your own account again. They have no idea what they’re doing with these “Framilys” and the phone reps will tell you as well that everyone is messing up these plans when they set them up. Joining this Framily has been nothing but a nightmare and a waste of time and energy.

      1. All I needed to hear to stay where I am. Sorry u all r having such a hard time. Seems everything u go to do these days is like this. We had a time getting Verizon straightened out at 1st too. Don’t think employees hand around long enough to know their jobs. Sorta like walmart.

    2. I have 5 phones and a tablet on my sprint family plan as of now. Two of the phones are past the 2 year agreement. Went to upgrade today and we’re not able to. I feel after 15 years of being with Sprint that they are trying to rip me off. If I go to another network I will pay more because the other 3 phones and the tablet are not finished with their 2 year agreement. Costs way too much to get out of them . The framily plan will cost me more to do as well. So confused on this new thing. Feel trapped !

  1. If you pay the $20 extra for unlimited data on the framily plan and can get annual upgrades, what does this mean? Will the annual upgrade phone be at the discounted price (like new customers get and like people that have 2 year contracts and are upgrade eligible) or are you paying retail?

    1. As far as I know the upgrade means that at the end of that contract you will be able to purchase the phone at a subsidized price (not retail). So an iPhone 5s would be sold to you at the $199 price instead of the $600+ retail price. It does mention about returning the previous device in good condition so I’m guessing you must trade in the previous device to get the new device. It’s all a little confusing so I would check out the fine print on their Framily Plan page or just do a customer service chat on the contact page of their website.

      One positive is they have many Framily Plan deals available including the $100 off discount as well as a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 if you put some data on it in your plan. I’m guessing within the next few months these deals will go away. Hope that answered the question. If not I can contact someone at Sprint to see if they can give a comment.

      1. Can I switch back to my old family plan? This Framily plan is way to expensive than my old plan but I made a huge mistake changing it.

    2. You pay RETAIL and you can only get a new phone after a year. Oh yeah! They will split it into 24 payments so you don’t have to have a contract. Who cares? I’ve been there over 10 years, plans obviously don’t bother me!

      1. Can sprint send seperate bills to individuals in family plan. And my contract is up can i leave family plan even though i recieve the bill?

    3. It’s either one or the other; you can do a 2 yr contract and get an Iphone 5 for $199, or if you are in a framily plan you will have to pay the monthly payments until you pay off the phone, which could be $600. The Annual upgrade is that you can upgrade as much as you want as long as you pay off your phone prior to upgrading ($600). It depends on this; you have to calculate if it’s better to pay say $80/mo (what I pay now on my own plan), and stay in a 2-year contract only paying say $199 for a new phone, OR do a pay as little as $25-45/mo (depending on if you choose unlimited data, etc) but that requires 7-10 people to also be on the plan, and STAY on the plan because they are not contracted to stay on your plan.

      The one good thing about the framily is that YOU are not obligated to stay. Unlike when in contract there is no early termination fee. If you leave Sprint they will still bill you for the remainder of your phone that you owe, or you can stay until the phone is paid for and then go elsewhere.

  2. Dont do it. They screw you because coverage suckes and when you complain customer service
    Just says we are putting up new towers in you area. When my job depends on a good phone and cell line its not sprint. Customer service is crap. I went back in to return my phone and cancel service i was then told I had to buy the phone and could only use cash to buy out contract. People at the store didnt even lift a finger to help. Did I say I have been a loyal customer for 8 years ? Good by sprint. P.s. dont use.

    1. They told me that the best they could do for me was give me a dollar for being out of service for a day. They are getting even worse with their customer service. They didn’t even activate my phone right when joining the stupid Framily.

  3. @ Lea
    They use the same networks so I would guess that it could be changed over if you’re wanting to bring the phone with you. The plans include the phone so technically either way you’re going to have the new phone added into the monthly costs. Most of the time if you’re bringing you’re own phone you will have to mark it on the area within checkout.

    If you’re an individual and don’t need the family plan then there are some cheaper options available when bringing you own phone through their prepaid options. I would use the chat function or call up the Sprint store to see what they say as there may be some deals available.

  4. @Tiger
    I agree that in many areas Sprint has horrible coverage. I hope that they make some strides in the next year or so to try to get a better signal in areas where they advertise a lot. I’m a Sprint customer as well as a Verizon Wireless customer and Verizon does beat out Sprint in almost every area I’ve been. The unlimited plans are what I think makes it worth it to some degree but if their signal doesn’t get better then the Framily Plan and Unlimited Plans aren’t going to keep customers. I still think Sprint is a great option for those that live in an area where Sprint has good coverage and they don’t travel too much outside of the area.

  5. The framily plan is really no savings. You must agree to pay full price for the phone (i.e. $550 for Iphone 5c) but they tell you it should be no problem since they will split it up into 24 months. So to save a few bucks on the plan, you pay full price on the phone? No thanks!

    1. Yep by the time you pay it off, phones only last now a year or two for heavy users. So just about the time you pay off their $ 550 dollar iPhone, it will be just in time to start paying on a new one ha ha! Oh yeah and go do their marketing for them talk your family into coming over to be on their Family Scam Plan!

  6. Several years ago (maybe 4 or 5 years ago?), my son put us on his family plan. We had one phone, but he said that it would cost only $10/mo. more for our second phone and he was paying the bill. My phone is maybe 7 years old , my wife’s phone was original with the new plan. My phone is failing apart – the antenna has fallen out and lost, and I use a rubber band around the phone to hold the battery in. After all these years we thought we should be able to get a free upgrade to new phones. We stopped by the Annandale, VA store, and they didn’t want to deal with us and said my son had to do the new deal with Sprint. All we need is simple phones, no data, just a flip phone to make and receive calls. As I look at the cost of the family plan, it looks like he may be paying as much as $45- $40 a month for each of our phones. I have not talked to him about this yet, but it looks like Sprint is ripping us off. I thinking about giving up my phone and maybe moving to a new provider for my wife and I and saving my son some money.

    1. Hey try going to Straight Talk they have flip phones and smart phones. Flip phones as low as $30 and Straight Talk is not a plan. So if you buy the phone it’s yours and the cards that you can get are $30/month 1000 minutes, and 1000 texts, and 1GB of data. And a $45 cards are unlimited text, calling, and data. And there are cards that are over $100 but it’s unlimited for more then one month.

    2. Also look online at like Ebay for phones that are cheap yet durable so you don’t have to change your plan. Once you change your family plan you can’t change it back and most phones now require data if you upgrade. You’ll save more money in the long run buying someone’s used phone.

      1. I agree. This is probably the best way to save and is the way to actually get the advertised price in commercials of $160/month for a family of 4. I would take a look at the Moto G as it’s only $179 brand new and has all of the features you need with a smartphone. This would save you hundreds throughout the two-year agreement. There are even cheaper phones available but you end up running into problems with being able to take advantage of 4G in select areas and other features.

    3. Just look on eBay or Amazon for a phone. You don’t have to buy a phone through Sprint. They can transfer your account to any Sprint phone.

    1. I’m sorry for your “loss” but thank you for your honest feedback! Hands down, your comment has officially changed my mind from “considering” the Framily Plan to “no way”!

      1. No it’s all still individual bills and plans nothing goes under your social, but they can’t have be current sprint customer because they won’t let them be on your plan if so no matter what. They force you into to insurance every month and you pay full price on phones no discounts but hey they let you pay it out over several months. So you end up paying $500 or $600 for each nee phone over a period of time of course. Rip off

    2. Yes, they trick you good because I was paying $150 now they are charging me $297 not happy about it. That Framily is really a good scam.

  7. I been with sprint for 8 years. Love there phone and plan. The only thing is I go in town and my phone died fast and when I go to general dollar my phone roams a lot!

  8. Read the fine print people. All of this so called “unlimited” stuff has a catch. It is only unlimited “while on the SPRINT network”. My current plan is unlimited everything….even when roaming. I am due for an upgrade and the sales people at the store are pushing the Framily plan. They don’t seem to understand that I am roaming when I cross the street at my house.

  9. I’ve had Sprint for over 15 yrs. I’ve never been thrilled by their Cust Serv, but the other companies services didn’t seem all that different. I could have contracted out 4 yrs ago, but i’m into new phones etc. To me they seem a little scamy, as they “accidentally” switched my plan during a phone call to CS when I was just inquiring, and WaLaah! the computer wouldn’t let them switch me back. My adult kids want me to sponsor them on the framily plan. But I don’t trust Sprint, they always have some hidden land mine somewhere that ends up costing me more money. If I go to framily, am I giving up my current all-everything deal; and if my kids get behind on their bill, will it somehow bounce back to me?

    1. Everyone will be billed separately however, if someone leaves the framily or their account is closed out it will cause your bill to go back up. The most it will be is $50 plus what ever amount you’re paying for data or insurance. If you had any work discounts on your bill they will be removed because it only applies to the data that you’re paying.

    1. Thanks, I think I’m taking my business to T-mobile. I was just about to put my kids on the Framily plan and decided against it after reading these reviews.

      1. So agree, this is not a True Family plan at all. It’s Family Scam! Not to mention instead of getting a phone credit and a discount to purachase a phone fir $150-$200 they got this new pay out plan so you can pay out several months on your phone until you have paid for the FULL price. Which can run up to about $500 or $600 for like an iphone, but hey no worries they are letting you pay it out at least! Ha ha a joke!

    2. Yeah! $125 unlimited everything? Year right!! Not unlimited 4G Data, you have to buy the phones at full price or finance them. The 3G network is slow. At the end of the story, one or another cell phone company will screw us somehow..

  10. Very disappointed and a rip off! Talked my son into going back to Sprint so he does. A few days later his brother goes to renew his contract at Sprint and start a family plan, come to find out he can’t join the family plan his brother just joined because he is an existing customer! What a rip off it’s not truly a family plan, it’s just another marketing tac for you to do the promoting to get only NEW Sprint Customers! New family plan means you can’t really get your immediate family under one, your going to pay FULL price on phones with no discounts, they force you to pay a monthly insurance with no choice! It’s time for us, Dad, mom and another brother to renew and as existing Sprint customers we can’t join either of our sons Family Plan so whats the point in staying with Sprint? So they can charge us All each at least $150 a month for each phone and $600 for each phone to be paid out over several months until they get the entire $600. What a joke! Family plan. More like rip off plan! Just saying Beware!

  11. What a complete piece of crap. Virtually every spring rep and every supervisor makes it up as they go and worst of all they bully you. This is the worst customer relations business I have ever seen in my lifetime. When my contract is up I will leave.
    All I can say is when you cannot figure out how to tie 2 families together who even have the same last name and in the same city, then you should get a different day job. Obviously, this is not a family based concept or the ceo has been duped. Ultimately their all a bunch of dumb asses who have some cell tower signals in a few areas of the country.

  12. I don’t think the plan is bad if you have 3-7 people on it. They are just trying to get everyone tied up before they switch at their contract end.

  13. I just got on the framily plan about 3 weeks ago. Now I get a email telling me that 2 more people add to my framily plan, but I have no idea who these people are. I didn’t give out any information to anyone I know. When I ask who they are they don’t have that info. This is costumer support. What the heck. So Sprint is just adding people to my account to get the maximum discount. What can I do?

    1. There’s a way to share you information and let others join your plan. We’ve had some people trying to post their Framily codes here but we didn’t allow them through. Sprint should be able to tell you who has been added to your plan and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. If you or others on your plan haven’t been inviting people then you should have anyone on the plan so it may be a mistake. The way the Framily plans are set up it does have separate billing so if anything they’re making the plan cheaper.

    2. When I was in the Sprint store this was offered to me. The bills are separate and they don’t share any information with the new customer about whose plan they are on or how long their contract has left (to know how long you might get the framily rate), so I wouldn’t worry about it. I wouldn’t have wanted my information shared with whosever plan they put me on either. I think it is a loop hole the sales force has figured out to try and “promote” the lower rates to potential customers. The sales people know which plans are started and try to fill them up to 10 each to give the new customers the benefit of a lower starting rate. They were pretty high-pressure saying they had openings on plans today, but if I came back another day they might not. I would have to guess the existing customers see their bill get lower and lower as strangers are added, if Sprint is honest about the rate lowering with how many phones are on the plan. Sounds too good to be true, though. Doesn’t make much sense why Sprint would allow this for existing customers already paying more, but it was a tempting offer for new customers.

  14. Framily plan is a waste. I almost got screwed out of an additional $30/month because I decided that i didn’t want to pay an additional $1000 for my two phones over the contract. They sprung a $15/month service charge that was never mentioned to me by either a Sprint rep on Chat or at Best Buy. And was told that I would have to pay full value of the phone after the two years are up. So in essence, they don’t want their customers to stay is what I got from it.

  15. Join my Framily? I’m trying to get 6 more people to get it down to $25 a month! Use my Framily ID [removed], last 4 numbers [removed].

  16. I called several times for 2 weeks asking questions about this Framily Plan before making the decision to switch my 4 lines as well as recruit my elderly parents from ATT. Yesterday, I wasted hours at a store because my 70 year old mother did not have her ID to setup a new account under my new Framily ID. I switched to the Framily plan before we were told she needed ID. I went home and wasted 4 hours online attempting to setup her account only to have all of the information erased. When I attempted to go through the process again, I received a message advising to go to a store. I called customer service to explain this dilemma, thinking I could speak with an online sales rep but they kept sending me to to telesales which is a call center outside the country. They know nothing. They can’t setup accounts under Framily Plans. Customer service reps are all new and are clueless. In addition, they advertise a tablet as free with a 2 year agreement, yet it is mandatory to buy a monthly plan with the tablet. That’s not free!
    I finally asked to have my old plan reinstated and advised my parents to stay with ATT. When my agreement is complete, I will move to another carrier after having service since 1999. Framily Plan is the worst product Sprint has introduced.

  17. HORRIBLE!!! I switched since I was paying close to $300 for 3 phones, so Framily plan was cheaper but I no longer have unlimited data….okay I can deal with that. So, I am due for an upgraded phone and went into store…..nope, no longer cover upgrades since it is not offered in Framily plan…huh? nobody told me that…she said, yes we are finding out more about the plan that we didn’t know….hugh? you work in a SPRINT STORE….okay, breathe….so, they can revert me back my old plan that will take a few days, I can get a new phone but now I have to pay $15 a month for 24 months….wait, did’t you just say no more upgrades due to no contract….so do I still have 24 hour contract……I left and said I would come back in a few days to upgrade because honestly I couldn’t take much more!!!!! I hope there is no more contract, because I am switching to another carrier ASAP!!!!

  18. Wonderful new plan. We signed 10 to our plan. My wife and I bought mint HTC EVO 4G LTE phones on eBay for $119 shipped each plus some rugged holster cases for $6 each. I initially signed for $10 for extra data but cancelled it since our phones are set to wifi at home and at work. We are paying $57 for the two of us and our phones are working very well. Of course for those that must have the newest and best phone — you are probably on the wrong website anyway! ;-)

    1. Happy this plan worked for you…I’ve seen a lot of posts that say the bills were not split like they should be so the plan holders were responsible for everyone’s bills. I don’t know many people and with Sprint not having coverage in the northern part of the state, where everyone goes on the weekened, I can’t get anyone to switch from Verizon. Epic fail for my family.

  19. Well….

    I’ve been a satisfied Sprint customer for the past 15 years. I now have 6 lines and 2 are currently due for their upgrades. I must say that after reading all this negativity I can’t help but wonder if Sprints NEW framily plan is not as good as they make it out to be. It sure does make sense to those who have multiple lines on their account like myself. I scheduled a meeting with a rep at my local Sprint store for this evening. I will keep a positive mind state but deep down I will be looking for anything tricky. Realistically speaking I sure hope that Sprint doesn’t offer me any nonsense because if they do I will take my business elsewhere.

  20. Okay so it all started when my dad lost his phone so he wanted to get a new one. So we went to the sprint store and they told us about the Framily plan , saying that you can save money and blah blah and that if he got the phone right that same day he only had to pay $50 instead of $150 , and so we saw that like a good deal. And so we all were now in the new plan , so we told my brother and his gf about it and as well as my sister and they all decided to join us in. The sprint guy told us that the first month was gonna be a high bill , about $100 to the ones that got a new phone , my dad , brother , his gf and my sister so we got the bill and including me and all of us the total was 1,300 . So pretty much they actually payed doubled instead of $100 and on top of that I didn’t even get in upgrade or anything and I had to pay $40 more than what I was paying! This “Framily ” plan sucks, it’s so confusing and waist of time. Please people don’t get on this plan , you’re just fine the way you are.

  21. I was cheated too. Changed to sprint joined the framily plan, days later sprint sent me an email, told me I was unable to join the framily, they created a new ID for me.

  22. What a rip off. My bill is now 100 more per month. Was told I would get big savings. Can’t wait to pay off phones and go to another carrier. I have been a loyal customer for almost 8 years and feel raped by sprint.

  23. ThIs Framily Plan A Huge Joke. Seems LikE the More People I Add The More My Bill Goes Up. I Called Sprint Three Time Wondering Where The Extra Charges Are Coming From And Its Always Something. The Had Me PayFor Switching Plans Two Different Times Saying I Never Paid It The First Time. I Use To Like Sprint A Lot But Now I’m Almost Ready To Pay My Two Cancellation Fees And Leave Them.

  24. Been with Sprint since 1997. 2 smartphones, 2 older phones. People here LOVE Verizon and certain parts of the state don’t get coverage so kind of hard to “sell” them on this plan. We also keep to ourselves so not many people to recruit to begin with. I have a lot of family in other states but again, Sprint coverage is spotty so can’t recruit anyone. Our bill went from $120/mth to $267/mth…more than my car payment! We weren’t really interested in the plan but the salesperson assured us that by the end of the week he would have at least 2 more people on our plan so our bill would be lowered…NOPE, never happened but we blame ourselves for that. Going to look into other carriers this week, all of this will be so much trouble, switching carriers and everyone will need to get a new phone but with one kid in high school and another in college we simply can’t afford $267/mth… I’m not in sales so I don’t know how else to remedy the situation other than paying a butt load of $ now to get out of this, count my losses and have a cheaper plan elsewhere and be a little smarter in the future.

  25. Been screwed for 15 years waiting for positive changes to come…good thing I didn’t hold my breath. Extremely disappointed.

  26. Terrible experience! Spent a worthless two hours. Many hidden costs and what was supposed to save money and get better service was more expensive and less efficient. Service rep very unknowledgeable. Looking for a new provider. Avoid at all costs!

  27. I have a question. when I signed up for the family plan I was told that I am not under any contract, I have been with sprint since 2002 and my family wanted to try this and yesterday when I was speaking with a Rep. I was told that I am under a contract and every time it’s always something difference from what your been told in store.

  28. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SPRINT’S FRAMILY PLAN! What they advertise ARE LIES! The bills ARE NOT separate; if one person doesn’t pay, THEY WILL turn your phone off REGARDLESS of whether you’ve paid your bill or not! Not only that, if you try to drop that line from your service plan, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THAT PERSON’S REMAINING BALANCE ON THAT PHONE whether it’s in your possession or not. I paid my bill on Oct. 11, yet they interrupted my service today because the other party had an outstanding balance ($116). After being on hold and speaking to FIVE DIFFERENT PEOPLE, I was told I could do a Change of Ownership that would separate bills that I already believed were separate. After completing the form online, I was told to call a number to verify. After calling this number, I was then told that once this process was completed, I would be charged for that person’s remaining balance on THEIR phone (over $300). And they said there’s NOTHING they can do about it. I will be fighting this because this IS NOT what was explained to me; this could almost be considered as deceptive business practices.

  29. never join them they are liar, we were told that if we create 5 people family plan we should pay 20$/each for data per each and 27$/month for Iphone 6 (47$ total+5$ tax)/each. our firs bill was 120$/ each and the second one was 82$. we have to pay extra 15$ dollar for unlimited talk and text and $11 for maintenance services they did not mentioned this at the time of the contract. NEVER JOIN THEM NEVER EVER.

  30. NEVER EVER JOIN A SPRINT PLAN!!!. I have been a dedicated Sprint customer for over 15 years. In October 2013, I upgraded to 2 Samsung Galaxy 4 phones. My adult daughter was with me when I “upgraded” my phones since I am hearing impaired. NEVER once did they tell me that I was purchasing 2 phones for $600 EACH (yes, $1200 total for 2 phones). I had many papers shoved in my face to sign and was told that I didn’t need to read them. The Sprint representative was “telling” me what the papers said. He was in a hurry since there were about 10 customers waiting in line. Only did I find out what I was paying for these phones when I added another family member in August 2014. He got the exact same phone and only paid $150 AND got a $50 rebate. After calling Sprint customer service several times, “there is nothing” they can do to help me. I was clearly taken advantage of and will encourage everyone NEVER to sign up with Sprint.

  31. Disappointed Sprint customer of 15 yrs! My daughter and I went to upgrade our phones last Feb 2013. Sprint said we could no longer use our upgrades due to the new Framily plan. Well we signed up for it and got 2 new phones, mine a Samsung Note 3 and my daugher an IPhone. We were sold a package to include a new home phone (free) and new tablet (free) with data to be free on both these phones as well.

    So on the first bill, I see almost $50 more/month for the new phones (which I am still paying off). My bill is now $251.73 per month. The proated charges were are all wrong and there were data charges for the home phone which I didnt need or really want. The tablet is overrated and high-priced. It took me 3 months back and forth with them to get the pro-rated charges and the home phone charges off and they tried to charge me an early cancellation fee of $150 for it. As for the crappy tablet, I wanted to return that also, but too much time passed so they said I couldnt return it but I could cancel the service plan on it and pay early termination as well, which now is $140.

    I called today to cancel the service plan only to be told since I am under contract, I cannot cancel the tablet service, I can only lower by $5 by going to a smaller data plan. And I cannot add the insurance back for the tablet as it is over 60 days since I cancelled it. I was never told this at all. So now I am stuck with it. This tablet will end up costing me way more than it is worth. In fact, my daughter had a Nexus tablet she had just purchased at the time we were offered a “free” tablet, which she loved and returned it because of the “free” tablet offerred.

    The only good thing that came out of this ordeal was that I contacted Customer Service by phone (not the store) and went back to my Anytime plan. And we do like our phones. I won’t be upgrading my phone until it is absolutely necessary and I will be leaving Sprint.

    If ever I do business with the salespeople at the local stores, I will get everything the are proposing in writing or I wont buy anything. They are typical salespeople, fast-talking, manipulative liars.

  32. spend too much time trying to correct billing issues. totally meant to destroy each ” Family ” that signs a contract. When we signed up sales associates was so ” gung ho” about paying the old phone account thru At&T, that never happened. I can’t wait til the contract is up. Each month you hold your breath waiting to get the bill to discover what king of additional charges they came up with.

  33. We’ve updated this page with all of the new pricing and information on the new family plans from Sprint. We will be updating the entire page soon to give you an in-depth review of this plan.

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