Sprint Promo Codes and Deals For New Customers

Save on your phones and wireless plans from Sprint with all of the best deals and promo codes on this page. We update this page regularly with the best deals we can find with deals for the latest iPhone to discounts on their already cheap data plans and Android phones. These deals are mostly for new customers and those adding new lines, but existing customers can take advantage of select offers as noted. Browse the latest deals below.

Featured Deal: 50% Off iPhone X Plus Free Activation

Current Promo Codes and Deals

  • Unlimited Plan For $15 Per Month – get the Sprint Unlimited Plan (Unlimited Kickstart) for only $15 per month. You can still get deals for select phones along with this discounted unlimited data plan. This deal is available online-only.
  • Get An iPhone 8 On Sprint When You Purchase Another Eligible iPhone – when you purchase an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X you can receive an iPhone 8 for free. This is part of the buy one, get one offer currently available for new customers and those switching to Sprint from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, or T-Mobile.
  • Phones As Low As $0 – when you sign up for select plans you can find phones as low as $0 per month. Continue through the link to find out which free phones are available.
  • $30 Off When You Purchase Online – sign up for a new plan or purchase a new phone online through the Sprint website and automatically save $30 on activation fees and other fees. This deal should work for both new and existing customers.
  • Free Hulu With Unlimited Plan – when you sign up for Sprint’s unlimited data plan you’ll receive a free Hulu plan included with your service. This plan gives you complete access to the basic Hulu plan at no extra cost. You can find full details by following the link provided.
  • Lease An iPhone 7, Get One On Sprint – when you lease one iPhone 7 from Sprint you can get another at no extra cost in this BOGO (or lease one and lease another free) deal.
  • 50% Off iPhone X – new customers and those changing plans can get up to 50% off the new iPhone X. No promo code required.
  • Waived Activation Fee – purchase your phone online to get your activation fee waived. The free activation offer works for both online sales and sales in which you purchase online and pick up in the store.

You can usually find a variety of great deals available from Sprint. When compared to its competitors such as Verizon AT&T, and T-Mobile you will find that Sprint has some of the top deals. In the past few years Sprint has not only added major discounts such as up to 50% off their unlimited plans and iPhone For Life discounts, but they’ve also bundled their services with the likes of Hulu and more to give you big discounts.

We do our best to keep all of the deals above updated with the latest ways for you to save. Always double-check the offers at checkout as well as your exact plan to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Most of the deals we have on this page are for those switching to Sprint from another carrier and deals for new customers unless otherwise noted.

Free Shipping Deals

For the most part, Sprint has free shipping on all new phones and tablets purchased directly through their official website. In some cases where you’re purchasing something such as a used iPhone or other accessories, they will charge shipping. We do receive free shipping coupons occasionally and they should be posted towards the top of the page when they’re available. The free shipping offers are pretty rare as the focus seems to be more on new phones. If you’re purchasing a new phone or tablet with a plan then you should receive free shipping unless something changes.

Free Activation and Free Upgrade Deals
One of the most popular deals, when it’s available, is the free activation deals and no upgrade fee deals. For select plans, you will have to pay a fee to activate your new phone with that plan. Sprint will have deals from time-to-time where they will waive this fee if you go through one of their promotional links. The current fee is around $35, so this can lead to large savings along with other deals you find on your phone. This deal isn’t always available, but when it is you can activate it by going through our deal link or simply finding the promotional tab on their website.

Where To Put In Your Sprint Promo Code
If you have a promo code available through Sprint then you will be able to put this code in at checkout. If there are currently promo codes available then they will have the box open to be able to put in the code. Once you put in the code, the deal should be shown as active and whatever discount or promotion should be shown on your total. If Sprint doesn’t currently have any type of code available then they may not show the box at checkout.

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