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Sprint Perks: Corporate and Employee Discount List

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Note: Sprint is now merging with T-Mobile. This means that customers of Sprint who no longer want to stay with the provider can take advantage of great deals to switch to other wireless providers like Verizon and AT&T.

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The price of your wireless plan keeps going up and one of the best ways to save is by taking advantage of discounts offered by your workplace or organization. Sprint offers corporate discounts to help you save on the monthly price of your wireless plans if your employer, school, credit union, or organization (AAA, AARP, etc) participates.

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These discounts start at 10% per month and we’ve seen the discounts go as high as 30% per month. In order to receive these discounts, you must go through the Sprint website and put in your information to verify your discount and then apply it to your plan. You can find the entire Sprint corporate discount list below.

List Of Current Corporate Discounts For Sprint

  • Access Discounts On Sprint Website (Click Here)
  • 20th Century Fox (15%)
  • AAA (5%)
  • Aetna (12%)
  • Accenture (25%)
  • American Airlines (20%)
  • Army/USAA/Military/Air Force (5%)
  • Bank of America (20%)
  • Best Buy (20%)
  • Bluecross Blueshield (20%)
  • Boeing (25%)
  • Capital One (10%)
  • Chase Bank (20%)
  • Chevrolet (12%)
  • Cisco Systems (10%)
  • Cleveland Clinic (20%)
  • Coca Cola (20%)
  • Columbia University (15%)
  • Comcast (22%)
  • Costco (10%)
  • Cox Communications (20%)
  • CVS (15%)
  • Dell (15%)
  • Disney (10%)
  • Duke Univeristy and Medical Center (20%)
  • Ernst and Young (20%)
  • FedEx (20%)
  • Ford Motor Company (20%)
  • General Electric (GE) (20%)
  • Hilton Hotels (15%)
  • H&R Block (15%)
  • IBM (25%)
  • Lockheed Martin (8%)
  • Lowe’s (10%)
  • Merrill Lynch (20%)
  • Microsoft (20%)
  • Northrop Grumman (10%)
  • Papa John’s (10%)
  • PepsiCo (20%)
  • Raytheon (20%)
  • Safeway (10%)
  • Southwest Airlines (15%)
  • State Farm Insurance (25%)
  • State of Illinois Employees (20%)
  • State of California Employees (15%)
  • State of Texas Employees (15%)
  • Target (15%)
  • United Airlines (20%)
  • United Parcel Service (UPS) (25%)
  • University of Akron (10%)
  • University of California Berkeley (15%)
  • University of Missouri (10%)
  • University of Texas at Austin (15%)
  • USAA Customers (5%)
  • US Postal Service (USPS) (25%)
  • VA Medical Center (25%)
  • Vanderbilt University (20%)
  • Wal-Mart (5%)
  • Walgreens (8%)
  • Wells Fargo (20%)
  • Wyndham International (15%)
  • Xerox (15%)
  • find more discounts or claim your discount

We’ve compiled this list from looking at the Sprint website as well as other websites that have a list of the available discounts. If you know of any corporate discounts available that we don’t have listed here then leave them below in the comments. Also, if we have the percent off or other parts of the discount wrong also leave us a comment.

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  1. Question i have a bank account through bank of america so do i qualify or do inhave to work for BOA for the discount? Thank you for your help and time.

    1. In order to receive any of the discounts listed, you must be employed by the company. In other cases such as education discounts or government discounts, you must also be associated and be eligible for a discount. This list may be out of date and there are hundreds of other possibilities for a discount, so if you’re not sure if you are eligible you can go through the link at the top of the page to the Sprint website where they can help you find a discount on your plan or phone.

    2. I have pension from Boeing and I work for Art Institute of Dallas (college) do I get any discount also my husband runs the VNEA billard league in Dallas

    1. We’re not Sprint and only provide the information we’ve found online. In order to set up a discount program with Sprint, you will have to find the contact on their website to get started. These discount programs are usually reserved for larger companies who can provide sprint with hundreds or thousands of potential new customers. You can still try to get in contact through their website to see if you can set something up for your business.

  2. I am a vendor for bank of america and the sprint discount is one of the benefits they offer to us but because we are a vendor there is no badge the will say bank of america and they have sprint blocked from sending outside emails to our bank of america email. how are we able to verify that we do work for them?

    1. We’ve seen others having the same problem. The best thing you can do is to call Sprint’s customer service line and explain your issue. They should be able to provide you with another way to verify your employment to receive your discount. As of the last time we checked, Bank of America employees are still receiving a discount unless things have changed.

    1. Sprint does have discounts for teachers and it can be different than how you claim a student discount depending on your state/county/etc. You can go to the Sprint website using one of our links above and then navigate to the page where you will be able to put in your basic information and they will be able to tell you if you qualify for a monthly discount on your data plan or if they have other deals available to help you save. You may be able to stack certain discounts.

    1. This list doesn’t have all of the available corporate and other discounts, so you’ll have to go to the Sprint website using one of our links above to see if you qualify for a discount.

  3. HI I work for Homedepot and Uber and was told I can get a discount how do I go about receiving it? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      In order to find out the details, you must go to the Sprint website and then go to their corporate discounts page which can’t be linked to directly. You’ll then have to fill out your details and they will then email you with the information on whether you qualify for a discount on your plan. This may have changed recently, but this is how they used to do it in the past. The discounts for places like Uber and Home Depot can change so regularly that the easiest and most up-to-date way is to fill out your information on their website.

  4. My name is Bonnie and I work in the Human Resources Department for Security National Financial Corp. We are the corporate office for Security National Life Co., SecurityNational Mortgage Co., Memorial Estates, and C&J Financial. How can I sign my companies up for the Sprint Corporate and Employee Discounts?

    1. We do not currently have any discount posted for Nationwide. If you have any information please let us know so we can update the discount list.

  5. I work for GOODWILL EASTER SEALS and I was advised we her a discount. I would love to take advantage of this and get a phone and transfer my service and keep my same phone number if possible.

  6. Hi,
    I have over 100 employees and about 4,500 members in my Wash Club, I would like to know if you have a contact at Sprint that can help me get discounts for my employees and my group of customers???

  7. Hi.
    I work for SL Green Realty Corp. Last year I received a discount thru my company, this year I don’t see it on the list.
    Can You tell me if I still qualify?

    Thank You

    1. This list is not the complete list and the numbers are based on what we’re told by those who have received discounts. The numbers, of course, may also not be entirely accurate. The best way to figure out what the exact discount is for you is to check on the Sprint website.

    1. I am not sure as we haven’t had anyone report the discounts for UFT (United Federation of Teachers). I do know that T-Mobile has a large discount for teachers and AT&T and Verizon Wireless both offer some sort of discount. I would guess Sprint has some type of deal for teachers, even if it’s not from an organization, but nothing we see if publicly available.

  8. I am retired military and I also work for SEFNCO Communications which is a contractor to COMCAST. I carry a COMCAST badge. My co-worker gets a 22% discount for having Sprint because we work for COMCAST but I do not see it on your list. Please verify. Thank you

    1. The list of discounts is simply what has been reported to us from those who visit our website. These numbers may not be entirely accurate, but we do our best to keep it as accurate and up-to-date as we can to give Sprint customers something to go by. From researching a few other websites, it does seem like Comcast gives a discount for Sprint that varies from 10% to 22% depending on a few different factors. You can go to the Sprint website to find more information on any discounts available.

  9. I received sprint employee discount for years and when I switched to a new plan at Sprints suggestions I lost it, now I’m paying more. I’ve called customer service several times and they just tell me I have to re-verify and there is always some kind of issue now I’ve been paying a higher price for 8 months. I’ve now tried applying under my student status with my college but I’m sure my sprint discount was better. I really do not think it is fair that sales personnel suggest you switch to new plan and then don’t tell you your going to lose your discount???

    1. This happens often. Wireless companies will try to force existing customers into new plans that cost more and don’t have discounts built into the price. Sprint still has employee and corporate discounts available so you should be able to claim these discounts if you still work for a company that participates in their programs. In order to receive your discount, you’ll have to go to their website and then call the number provided to figure out the steps to verify your employment.

  10. SO do you have to work for AAA or be a member to receive the discount? We are members of AAA and Costco do we qualify for a discount? Are all the schools listed here also? I have 2 students in college that are also on our plan.

    1. In order to receive the AAA discount, you do have to be a member. We’ve had some people report that AAA no longer has a discount through Sprint and we’re working to confirm that. The student discounts will work if the student is one of the administrators on the account, but there are some ways around that to claim a discount. The best way to check for a discount and get it certified on your account is to use the Sprint Works search on their website.

  11. hi – I work at Lutheran Senior Services in St. Louis, MO and our employees are eligible for a 23% discount off their Sprint plan. Can we please add our organization name to the list above? Thank you

    1. For the most part, if you already have a discount on your account such as a military discount they won’t let you apply a second discount. You can always call and check, but from what we’ve seen it’s usually the case that they only allow one discount of that kind per account.

  12. When I upgraded my phone in August, Sprint changed my discount from 23% to 15% . I have tried to get a list from Sprint of customer discounts to no avail. The last customer service representative tried to tell me I wasn’t entitled to any discount at all which was a lie.

  13. Our local hospital has signed a lease agreement with St. Lukes Health systems of KC, is there any type of discount for us.

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