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Charter Spectrum Internet Reviews, Plans, and Pricing

Find information on the best Charter Spectrum internet plans in this review including pricing on internet only plans and other things you should know. You can find a rundown of all the current plans available below. These plans and their pricing can vary slightly depending on where you live.

Spectrum Internet Only Plans and Pricing

Spectrum seems to currently only have one “internet only” plan available as they’re trying to get customers to try one of their “double-play packages. The internet plan available offers 200 Mbps download speeds for $44.99 per month for the first year.

Internet Only Plan: 200 Mbps for $44.99 per month

This plan comes with a free modem rental and has no data cap. You can get faster speeds and other deals if you bundle your internet with TV. If you’re looking for an internet plan that’s available at most Spectrum area addresses then this is your best offer. You can always use the address search on their website to see what plans are available or you can call Spectrum to see what they have available to your specific area.

What Internet Speeds Does Spectrum Offer?

Spectrum offers internet speeds that start at 60 Mbps clear up to 1000 Mbps (Gigabit). For the average household, we would recommend that you choose a plan with at least 100 Mbps as this will allow you to have multiple devices connected to your Wifi and allow for HD streaming on those devices. If you’re someone who has 4+ people living in your home and uses both HD streaming and gaming then we would opt for the 200 Mbps or higher.

Answer: 60 Mbps to 1000 Mbps (Gigabit)

The speed of your internet will vary depending on where you live. Most of the major markets where Spectrum is available currently have Gigabit. You’ll have to put in your address on their website to make sure that high-speed internet is available along with pricing.

Spectrum Internet Fees (Hidden Fees?)

You can end up paying a few different fees along with the price of your internet. This can be things like taxes and modem fees to some reportedly hidden fees. We break down some of the different fee categories below and let you know what to expect from Spectrum.

  • Early Termination Fees: Charter Spectrum currently does not have any type of contract, so that means there are no early termination fees.
  • Modem and WiFi Router Fee: As of the time of this review of their internet plans, Charter Spectrum offers free modem rental. This means that you’ll only need to have a router for your Wifi. You can find routers at places like Best Buy as well as Amazon. Most of the routers will show which internet providers they’re compatible with.
  • Installation Fees: Many customers have reported that there are installation fees unless you’ve taken advantage of a no installation fee deal through their website. The fee seems to be $9.99 for your first address and an additional fee for any other addresses on your account. This fee seems to change depending on multiple factors.
  • Taxes and Local Fees: Spectrum will show taxes and fees on your bill in almost every area of the United States. These fees will be different depending on your state, county, and city. These fees are not set by Charter and will appear on your bill no matter which internet provider you choose.

Questions, Comments, and Customer Reviews
Use our comment section below to leave any comments and questions you may have along with your own reviews. We will do our best to answer any questions you have about Charter Spectrum’s different internet plans and other questions about things like modems and routers.

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