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Charter Spectrum Internet Prices (Without A Bundle)

Figuring out the price of your internet at Charter Spectrum can be tough. There are different prices for different internet plans along with hidden fees and taxes that can add a decent chunk of money to your total bill. There are some ways to avoid these fees and find the best price available for the internet plan you need. Find all you need to know about Spectrum’s Internet pricing below.

Price: Prices From $44 to $100 per month

* These prices are estimates based on our research and are subject to change

Overview of Charter Spectrum’s Internet Prices

In this guide, we break down the prices of Spectrum’s internet plans. All of the prices are for internet only and do not reflect the prices of bundles or internet purchased within a bundle. The prices shown are the advertised prices and can go up after the initial promotional pricing ends (usually one year).

These prices are subject to change. The prices can also vary depending on your address and current promotions.

Be Aware Of Hidden Fees and New Customer Promotional Pricing

Almost every internet and cable provider has hidden fees in their services. This can be things such as broadcast fees and sports fees for certain channels like ESPN. When you’re getting just internet that isn’t bundled then you shouldn’t have these fees, but you’ll still be getting hit with numerous taxes depending on where you live.

Along with extra fees you’ll also need to be aware of new customer pricing. This pricing is usually special promotional pricing for the first year that will then go up. Since you’re not locked into a contract with most plans, you’ll have the option of switching after the promotional period is up. Almost all of the major internet providers use promotional pricing so you’ll want to be aware that this lower pricing will only be available for a set period of time.

We do our best to keep the prices updated, but there are times when these prices can be outdated or the prices are only available to a select segment of customers (such as new customers). Always double-check your monthly price on the Spectrum website before purchase.

Leave your comments and questions below along with information on what you’re paying for their internet services and bundles.

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