Soundtrap Student Discounts

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Does Soundtrap have student discounts? Even though Soundtrap has education deals for students and classrooms, they don’t have a discount specific to individual students for personal use. You can still find numerous ways to save from deals listed on their home page to choosing an annual plan (instead of monthly) to save $20+. Use the link below to find all of the latest deals from Soundtrap.

Discount: Save $20 Or More With An Annual Plan

About Soundtrap Student Discounts
Soundtrap doesn’t have a student discount, but they do have numerous other deals and ways for students to save. The best way for students to save is to have your school or teachers purchase the education version of Soundtrap. If you have an invite code for the education version then you can sign up and use all of the premium features for free.

If you don’t have access to the education version then you can save on Soundtrap using one of their numerous deals available. These deals are usually shown on the home page and be activated by simply clicking the link to that featured deal. We will update this page if Soundlab starts offering a student discount. Use the link below to access more information on their website.


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