Best Small Business Grants For West Virginia

West Virginia

Are you a small business owner looking for grants in West Virginia to help start or grow your business? Then you’ve come to the right place as our free guide lists all of the best grants and free money available to West Virginia businesses.

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These grants change regularly and can be a combination of grants only available to businesses in West Virginia along with national grants provided by corporations and the federal government. Currently, there are not many grants specific to West Virginia businesses, but you can also check out the state and national grants listed.

West Virginia State Government Grants

Grant Information: The state of West Virginia has numerous state government grants listed on its state grants page. Most of these grants are for established businesses in high-tech and science categories along with some grants for health and law-enforcement categories. You will have to search through the grants to find the small business grants as they are mixed in with other state grants for cities and government organizations.
Grant Amount: Varies
Apply: Grants.WV.Gov

Other Grants For Small Business

If you don’t see a grant specific to West Virginia businesses above that works for you then make sure you check out some of our other pages where we detail national grants and other special grants.

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  • Grants For Veteran-Owned Businesses
  • Grants For Minority-Owned Businesses
  • Grants For Women-Owned Businesses

While we do our best to keep this page updated, this page may not include the latest information about these grants. The grants on this page may also not be all of the grants available for your business so it always helps to check the state’s website for any government grants that may be available just for your business.

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