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SEMrush Student Discount


Does SEMrush have a student discount? No, SEMrush does not currently have a student discount. They do have other discounts available including deals for paying annually and free trial offers. Use the link below to get SEMrush free for 7 days.

Discount: 7-Day Free Trial + More

About SEMrush And Available Discounts
SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing platform that is known for its search engine optimization tools. You can do everything you need to run all of the marketing for your business no matter if it’s a small business with a physical location or a single website to large Fortune 500 companies. You can choose between numerous plans depending on what you need with affordable plans for small companies and freelancers.

We have not seen many discounts since we started tracking deals for SEMrush. The best offer to try out their marketing platform is the 7-day free trial. You can get full access to their all-in-one marketing platform and there’s no cost to you if you cancel before it auto-renews to a paid month of services.

There are also other deals for paying annually instead of monthly where they currently give you 17% off. If we see a student discount we will update this page with that discount, but until then these are the deals currently available at the time of this guide.

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Do you expect SEMrush to have a student discount in the future? We do not expect SEMrush to start offering a student discount in the future. They have not offered many discounts other than a free trial since they’ve been around so we are not expecting a student discount any time soon. If they do start offering a student discount then we will update this page with all of the information regarding that discount.

Can students get SEMrush for free? If you’re a student you can get SEMrush for free using a free trial. The free trial offer is for new customers who have not used SEMrush before. You don’t have to be a student to take advantage of their free trial offer.

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