RVshare Military Discounts

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Does RVshare have a military discount? Yes, RVshare has military discounts from select RV renters but does not have a universal military discount. This means that each individual RV or camper owner can offer a military discount and they have those listed on their website. The current military discounts are up to 25% off the regular price. Use the link below to access their website and find the list of which RVshare renters offer discounts.

Discount: Up To 25% Off Select RV Rentals

About RVshare & Deals
RVshare is a marketplace that lets you rent RV’s and campers to explore all over the world. You can choose from all types of RV’s in most of the major markets.

They currently do have discounts for military and veterans, but the way they do it is different than those offering a flat rate. Since it’s a marketplace it’s up to each RV renter to give some type of military discount (similar to how VRBO’s military discounts work.) The discounts we’ve seen range from 10% to 25% off the regular price. RVshare has an entire list on their website of who offers a discount through their platform broken down by state.

Website: RVshare.com

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