Squarespace Offer Codes (Up To 50% Off)

If you’re thinking about starting a website on Squarespace then you’ll want to get the best deal possible. On this page, we have a complete guide to Squarespace offer codes…

Verizon Employee and Corporate Discount List

If you work for a major corporation, large organization, military, or the government there’s a good chance that they offer some sort of discount on your monthly bill with Verizon….

Spectrum Mobile Coverage Map

Spectrum Mobile uses the Verizon network for their coverage nationwide. Since they use the Verizon Wireless network you should have solid coverage in almost all areas of the United States….

Mint Mobile Coverage Map: What Towers Do They Use?

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SmileDirectClub Student Discounts

As of right now, SmileDirectClub does not offer specific discounts for students. Even though they don’t have student discounts, they do have numerous deals available to help you save on…

Military Discounts For Verizon

Military Discounts For Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile

If you’re active duty military, reserves, or a veteran you can get some big savings on your phone and data plans. In our guide below, we break down the best…

Forever 21 Logo

Forever 21 Student Discounts

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