What Do I Need To Open A Verizon Business Account?

Verizon Business

If you’re thinking about opening a Verizon business account then you’ll need to be prepared with some basic information. You may also be eligible for some different discounts for both their business wireless and business internet.

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In our guide below we will let you know what you need to open a Verizon business account along with who is eligible to open a Verizon business plan. The details are pretty straightforward, but the terms and information needed to open an account can depend on a few different factors with your business.

Qualifications & Information Needed To Open An Account

Below we’ve detailed the information Verizon Business will request when opening a business account for both wireless and internet. Some requirements may change depending on your services and business.

  • Basic Business And Personal Information: Basic information about your business including address and business name.
  • Authrozied Signer Information: This is the business owner or someone else responsible for the business. If signing up as a sole proprietor or new business they will run a credit check or blended credit check on the authorized signer.
  • Credit Check: To open a new account Verizon will do a credit check. If you’re a sole proprietor then they will check your personal credit. If you have a new business then they will most likely do a blended credit check which includes your personal credit and business credit. If you have an established business then they will more than likely do a business credit check. You can inquire about what type of credit check you will receive using the Verizon live chat on their website. You can currently choose if you want your personal (social security number) or business credit (employer identification number) to be used.
  • Service Information: You will also need to give information about how many phone lines you will need, or if you’re getting Internet you will need some idea of what internet service you want. Verizon Business has a tool to help figure this out and they also have a live agent on chat to answer any questions. Alternatively, you can also call the number on their website to get any questions answered.
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Verizon Business Credit Check And Business Verification

Sample of Verizon Business Information Forms To Start A New Account (Credit Check)

Verizon Business Account Registration FAQ

Do I need to have a business to open a Verizon Business account? – According to most sources we’ve researched, you don’t need to necessarily have a business to open a Verizon business account. You can open an account as a sole proprietor and use your social security number instead of a business EIN. Most of the features for Verizon’s business internet and wireless are focused on businesses so a personal plan can work better in many cases if you don’t own a business. Always check with your Verizon rep to see which plan is right for you.

Does Verizon Business require a credit check? – Yes, Verizon Business will run a credit check to open an account. If you have an established business they will simply run a business credit check. If you’re a new business then they will run a blended credit check which combines your business and personal credit. If you are a sole proprietor then they will simply run a personal credit check.

Does Verizon Business report to the credit bureaus? – Yes, Verizon Business does report to the major credit bureaus if you’re opening an account using your personal credit or blended credit (person and business together).

Do I need 5 lines to have a business account? – No, it doesn’t seem like you need 5 lines in order to open a business account. In order to receive certain discounts, you will need to have at least 5 lines with your business plan. Check the website and your unique plan to see what discounts are available for your amount of lines.

This page will be updated periodically with all of the latest information about opening a new business account with Verizon Business. Always double-check the Verizon website to see any changes in pricing and terms. You can also check out our Verizon Business discounts page for the latest deals and discounts.

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