DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket 2018

Best DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Deals For The 2018 Season

As the new NFL season approaches there are many different options available to watch games with one of the best options undeniably being NFL Sunday Ticket offered by DirecTV. The NFL Sunday Ticket package gives you access to every single NFL game on Sunday. This means there are no blackouts or geographic restrictions. You’ll be able to watch your favorite team no matter where you’re at in the United States. A huge perk of this package is that you’ll also gain access to the NFL Sunday Ticket app which gives you access to live streaming of games on dozens of popular devices including iPad, iPhone, PS4, Xbox One, Roku, laptops and more.

You can find all of the latest deals and promotions for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket below. We will keep this list updated as we find new deals and offers to help you save some on this must-have package for NFL fans.

Latest Deals And Discounts For NFL Sunday Ticket

  • NFL Sunday Ticket At No Extra Cost – sign up through this link and choose the “Choice All Included Plan” from DirecTV for $50 per month for your first 12 months to get NFL Sunday Ticket included at no extra cost. This is a savings of nearly $300 just by taking advantage of this promotion. Continue through the link provided to activate this offer and save on NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • $100 Visa Gift Card For Signing Up To DirecTV + NFL Sunday Ticket – when you sign up for DirecTV and add NFL Sunday ticket you can get up to $100 in Visa gift cards. This offer is on top of the other promotional pricing offers and discounts for your NFL Sunday Ticket package.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Student Discount – if you’re an eligible student you can take advantage of huge savings for NFL Sunday Ticket. They’re currently offering a student discount of up to 50% off the regular price for a season pass. You can find more details in our guide that we’ve linked along with this deal.

Already have DirectTV and NFL Sunday Ticket?
If you already have DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket then you won’t be eligible for many of these promotions and deals. Most of the deals we’ve seen are for new customers signing up for the first time. According to various places online, you can get big discounts by simply calling DirectTV’s customer service and asking for a discount. There are many customers who say they were given some kind of discount or a free upgrade on other packages for keeping NFL Sunday Ticket, there are even a few customers who say they were given NFL Sunday Ticket free for a season because of the package they currently have. So while this may not work every single time, it’s still worth a try giving DirecTV a call and simply asking for a deal if you already have the NFL Sunday Ticket package.

Leave your comments and questions below and we will do our best to help you find the best prices on NFL Sunday Ticket as well as any deals and discounts available. We will be updating this page regularly with any new offers we can find.

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  1. The NFL Sunday Ticket promotional packages will be available for a few more weeks at the current pricing shown on this post. We will continue to update this page with the latest promotions throughout the season to help you find the best prices available. If you have any questions you can leave them here within the comments section and we will do our best to help you save.

  2. We’ve updated this page with all of the deals for the 2018 NFL season. These deals included offers for new DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket customers as well as a few offers for existing customers of DirecTV who are thinking about adding the NFL Sunday Ticket package.

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