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New York Times Student Discounts (Academic Rate)

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New York Times offers a student discount on their subscriptions which includes both an online subscription and print subscription. They call these discounts their “academic rate” which gives you around 50% off the regular price. You can access this discount using the link below.

DISCOUNT: Subscription For $1 Per Week (Click To Activate)

The New York Times breaks down their discounted student subscriptions into three different plans. You can find the discounted pricing on each plan below followed by a brief explanation of what is included in each plan.

The basic plan will give you unlimited access to and the entire archive of The New York Times. The “All Access” will also give you unlimited access to their website along with a few other perks like NYT Crossword and NYT Cooking. The “All Access + Print” gives you the “All Access” online subscription along with home delivery of the print version of The New York Times. When you purchase the “All Access + Print” you’ll also be able to gift two online subscriptions for free.

In order to claim your discount, you’ll need to sign up with an email from your college or university. Just about any .edu email address will unlock the discounted subscription rates instantly.

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