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New York LLC Cost: State Fees and LLC Formation Services

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The cost to start an LLC (limited liability company) in the state of New York is $200. This covers the basic state filing fee (articles of organization) to get your business started. There are numerous other fees both required and optional to make sure your business is started and ready to grow.

DEAL: LLC Formation From ZenBusiness (Starting At $49 + State Fees)

If you have knowledge of the LLC formation process then you can do it yourself or for a small fee, you can have experts from an LLC formation company handle it for you. We detail other costs associated with state filing fees and other costs below along with our recommendations for the best LLC formation services for New York companies.

Best LLC Formation Services For New York LLC’s

An LLC formation service will provide experts to form your LLC for a low price. These services make sense for most business owners who want experts to help with the legal process of forming their business so they can focus on other aspects like growing their business. We’ve detailed a few of the top choices for LLC formation companies in New York below.

ZenBusiness (Starting At $39 + State Fees)
ZenBusiness is currently our top choice for those looking to start an LLC in New York. They offer their base service for just $39 plus state filing fees. They have top reviews across the internet and they offer numerous services that will help get your business formed and ready to expand. They offer base LLC formation services for a low price along with basically every other service you could need to get your business growing quickly.

IncFile (Starting At $0* + State Fees)
IncFile is one of the few LLC formation services that has a free plan. The free plan gives you the absolute basics that you need to get your articles of organization filed and then they charge for any other services and products you may want/need. We recommend IncFile to those needing help with a very basic LLC, but for those needing an all-in-one solution then you may find it cheaper to go with a service like the previously mentioned Zenbusiness.

LegalZoom (Starting At $79 + State Fees)
LegalZoom is probably the most well-known LLC formation company in the world. They’ve helped form millions of businesses throughout the years and they’re always a good choice as long as you don’t purchase their seemingly endless upsells (that aren’t uncommon for this industry).

Their LLC formation service starts at $79 plus state filing fees. They have a good reputation and have partnered with numerous other major services to give you discounts if you would need other services when starting a business. They are third on our list due to being more expensive than competitors like ZenBusiness without offering any more perks and services for that price.

Other Costs When Starting An LLC In New York (Required And Optional)

This is a list of some of the other costs associated with starting a business in the state of New York. Some of these may be required while some are optional expenses. Always consult with a professional service to make sure your business is set up properly with all of the paperwork and licenses needed.

LLC Formation Service ($39-$300) – You can see above that we have detailed some of the top LLC formation services for those forming their company in New York state. We recommend LLC formation services for most business owners as these companies can help you get your business set up using legal experts.

These services make sense and save you time as long as you don’t overspend. Our current top pick, ZenBusiness, is only $39 plus state fees for the base plan. If you’re going to go with an LLC formation service then we recommend keeping the costs low to make it worth it. It’s still much cheaper than paying an attorney and much easier than spending days trying to figure it all out on your own.

Registered Agent ($75-$300) A registered agent is a person or company that acts on your LLC’s behalf when it comes to receiving legal documents for your business like lawsuits or summons along with notifying you of other situations like filing notices. You’re required to have a registered agent in New York. In some cases, you can be your own registered agent or you can appoint someone. Many business owners use a professional registered agent service to take care of these requirements and to add an extra level of professionalism and privacy.

If you’re using an LLC formation service like ZenBusiness, then mast times they will include your first year of professional LLC services for free. If you already have a business or want to go with another provider then we recommend Northwest Registered Agents. Northwest is a registered agent service company that represents thousands of top companies across the country for a low yearly fee.

New York Publication Fee ($100+) – This fee will vary depending on where you publish the information about your new LLC. LLC formation services can help you figure out the cheapest places for your NY publication requirements, but there are numerous other stand-alone services and media companies that can help you with this. Make sure you know all of the requirements before placing advertisements with any publication.

New York LLC Biennal ($9 Every Two Years) – Every two years you must go to the New York Department Of State website and update the state on your business. The fee is only $9 every two years which is one of the lowest we’ve seen, especially when you compare it to Florida’s annual LLC fee which is currently over $130. You can find more information about this fee on the New York Department Of State website linked above.

EIN Registration ($0-$75) – Once your articles of organization are filed you can file with the IRS for an EIN. An EIN (employer identification number) will help you do things like hire employees, open a bank account, and more. You can do this for free through the IRS website (it’s easy and what we recommend) or you can pay a service to do it for you. It’s easy enough that most business owners will be able to do it themselves fairly easily, but if your LLC formation company does it for free or a very low fee then it may be worth it to go that route.

Note: There may be other fees, licenses, and more required to start your business. Always consult with a professional or professional service when starting your business. We’ve listed a few of our recommended services above that can help you for a great price compared to business formation attorneys.

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