Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Reviews and Complaints

In our Nectar Mattress review, we look at dozens of expert reviews and hundreds of customer reviews to help you find out if this mattress is right for you. We have our summary review below along with other reviews from customers on Amazon and Reddit along with expert reviews, pricing, deals and more.

Review Consensus: The experts and customers both agree that the Nectar Mattress is a great choice if you can get it for sale. Some of the negatives seem to be around customer service with some issues with shipping and returns. Overall, the reviews are mostly positive with most experts and consumers agreeing that it’s a quality mattress at a mid-level price range.

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The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Customers seem to overall be happy with the quality and price of this mattress.
  • Cons: Some customers report issues with shipping and customer service.
  • Bottom Line: While there may be a few problems with shipping and customer service, most customers seem to be happy with their purchase and enjoy their Nectar Mattress.

Nectar Mattress Reviews From Customers

The reviews below are a roundup of reviews from experts on home products and mattresses along with a mix of reviews from places like Amazon, Reddit, and the Nectar website. Browse our roundup of expert and customer reviews below.

Amazon Reviews Of Nectar: At the time of this review guide, Amazon users have currently given the Nectar Mattress 4 out of 5 stars. There were many customers saying that the free shipping from Amazon was a huge plus in deciding to purchase along with saying that the mattress was firm and had a great price. There were also some mixed and negatives reviews saying that the mattress was too firm and that there were some quality issues.

Another complaint seemed to be that the return policy was a hassle, which is expected with a large item like a mattress. The overall consensus was positive for those looking for a more firm mattress at a good price point. [link]

Reddit User Review: The reviews from multiple users on Reddit are mixed. There are numerous people saying that they like the mattress and thought it was a great deal. There also seemed to be a large number of negative reviews from users saying that the shipping dates kept getting delayed and that customer service could be very hard to deal with.

Overall, the users thought the mattress was solid quality for the price, but there were a lot of problems with users pertaining to shipping and customer service. [link]

We will continue to add reviews and update this section as Nectar makes changes and we find reviews. These reviews can give you even more unique insight into whether this mattress is the right choice for you.

How Does A Nectar Mattress Feel? Soft Or Firm?

According to hundreds of customer reviews and the Nectar website the mattress is what most would consider firm. The Nectar website lists it as “medium firm” which they put in the 5.5-7.5 firmness rating out of 10. Customers on their website as well as Amazon seem to describe it as “very firm” with a few complaints saying it was too firm.

We’ve also seen a few customer reviews from heavier customers who said they slightly sunk into the bed. So the reviews seem to be mixed and that it depends on various factors including sleeping preference, height, weight and more. Most customers overall seem to describe it as a memory foam type mattress that’s averagely firm.

Nectar does offer pretty easy returns for those that are not satisfied once they’ve tried the mattress. You can read about their 365 return promotion and other warranty details on their website.

Price: How Much Is A Nectar Mattress?

The main Nectar memory foam mattress is currently $1,024 for a king size bed at the time of this review guide. You can usually find a sale on the mattress to knock anywhere from $100 to $250 off the regular price. Most of the experts and users on places like Amazon don’t seem to have paid the full advertised price on their website.

Their price for a king size is comparable to top competitors like Casper at $1,195 and Leesa at $1,015. Almost all of the other online competitors are priced at around the same range, with a multitude of add-ons available that can put the price higher.

The price of shipping for Nectar is currently free. The only shipping option available that isn’t free is their “white glove” setup and removal. This means that a company will deliver your mattress and help you get it to the roo and set up along with the removal of your old mattress. To get the “white glove” service you’ll have to add $145 for the first item and $45 per item after that. If you don’t opt for this service then your mattress will be shipped in a box like other mattress stores.

Money Saving Tip: Most customers say to skip the “White Glove” delivery and its $145 fee as the mattress is fairly light-weight and easy to set up.

Overall the price of the Nectar mattress is pretty much on par with the major competitors in this space. One upside of Nectar is they seem to run a lot of sales and promo codes, so you shouldn’t have to pay the full advertised price. Financing is also available at checkout with a few different options.

For more information on pricing and deals, visit the Nectar website

Have you purchased a Nectar Mattress or have any questions before you purchase? Leave your comments below.

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