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Does MyMedic have military discounts? Yes, MyMedic does currently have a military discount in the form of a promo code to give you a discount on their first aid kits and more. The discount amount changes frequently, so you’ll have to access the discount on their website and verify your status before you receive the code.

Discount: Claim Your MyMedic Military Discount (Promo Code)

About MyMedic’s Military Discounts
The military discount available for MyMedic changes regularly so we don’t have any real information on what exactly the current discount will give you. We do know that it’s a promo code generated for you when you verify your military or veteran status. This code is then put in at checkout to receive your discount. The military discount code can be generated once every 24 hours. They’re currently using VerifyPass to verify all of your information to assure that only the military is receiving this discount.

We will update this page with any specifics we receive about their discounts for military and veterans. Along with these discounts they also have discounts for teachers, first responders, and medical professionals. Use the link below to access the discounts directory on their website to find the deal that works best for you.


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