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Does Mint Mobile have a student discount? No, Mint Mobile does not currently have a student discount. They do however have other great deals to help you save big on your new wireless plan. Use the featured discount link below to claim your deal.

Discount: $15 Per Month For 3 Months (Click To Activate)

About Mint Mobile And Available Discounts
Mint Mobile is a low-cost wireless phone service that gives you fast data speeds for less than the large wireless brands. You can get their coverage in most areas throughout the United States at prices that are sometimes only half as much as major wireless providers with multiple plans to choose from.

Even though there isn’t currently a discount for students at Mint Mobile, there are plenty of other ways to save. They usually have some sort of discount or promotion to save big when you bundle a new device with a wireless plan. We’ve seen these bundled discounts have everything from three months free to unlimited plans for as low as $15 per line per month. Check out their website for the latest promotions as they’re usually shown right on the home page.

Learn more about Mint Mobile and find deals at

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