Mint Mobile Review

Mint Mobile Plans Review

We’ve looked at hundreds of customer reviews and done hours of research to help you figure out whether Mint Mobile is right for you. We break down all of Mint Mobile’s plans along with pricing and coverage as well as compare their service to other popular prepaid options.

  • Pros: Cheap prices with plenty of plan options and overall fast data speeds
  • Cons: Coverage can be spotty in areas and some problems with activation
  • Consensus: Overall, customers seem to be happy with Mint Mobile’s service as long as they live in an area with good network coverage.
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Mint Mobile Pricing and Plans

Mint Mobile Plan Pricing
Mint Mobile has a few different plans to choose from as we will detail below. Unlike other wireless carriers, Mint breaks their plans down by not only the amount of data each month but also the period of time. This means that you’ll have to choose how much data you want per month plus how long you want to sign up. You have the options to purchase a plan for 3 months, 6 months, or yearly (12 month billing period). All of the plans come with unlimited talk and text. View each plan option below along with data amounts and pricing.

3 Month Plans

  • 3GB Plan: $15 Per Month
  • 8GB Plan: $20 Per Month
  • 12GB Plan: $25 Per Month
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  • The 3 month plans almost always have a promotional discount for new customers. This will usually knock the rice down to the $15 per month range for the first three months of service.

6 Month Plans

12 Month Plans

Mint Mobile Customer Reviews

We’ve looked through hundreds of customer reviews on places like Amazon, Reddit, and Facebook as well as dozens of reviews from phone experts and tech blogs online. We’ve excluded the reviews section of from our customer review summary as the reviews are obviously handpicked and are more customer testimonials than unbiased reviews.

Customers of Mint Mobile were overwhelmingly positive with most customers saying that their phone service was cheap and the set up of was easy. The reviews were also positive as far as customer service and the platform that Mint uses. This means that customers were able to easily access information on how much data and minutes they had left. This is a positive note as many other prepaid and budget carriers seem to have an older system of tracking data and minutes that can leave you in the dark about exactly how much data you have left for the month.

The complaints that we saw when analyzing the reviews were mostly about coverage. You can read through some of the reviews on Amazon where customers were telling their city and giving information on the coverage. Aside from negative reviews about coverage in certain areas, the other most popular complaints were about porting old phone numbers over and getting the wrong information from Mint about whether their current phone was eligible for BYOD (bring your own device). These are things you’ll want to check out and be aware of before making your purchase.

Overall, we would say the customer reviews are positive with 4/5 stars on Amazon at the time of this review along with 4.7/5 stars on Facebook with over 9,000 recommendations.

How Is Mint Mobile’s Coverage?

Mint Mobile Coverage Map
Mint Mobile coverage map via the T-Mobile Network
Mint Mobile is on the T-Mobile network meaning that if you have good T-Mobile coverage in your area then Mint Mobile should also work.

From looking at the customer reviews and coverage maps it seems like the best coverage is, of course, in major metropolitan areas. There are some complaints about slow data and dropped calls, but those customers seem to be outside of those areas. This is why it’s key to check the coverage map above and also use the tool on their website to check your coverage. Coverage in your area is key for prepaid subscribers as it does you no good to have a bunch of data that you can’t use due to network speeds in your area.

If you want more detailed information on the coverage of Mint Mobile then check out the coverage map we’ve put together. In that review of coverage, we go into more detail and have customers chiming in on how the coverage is in their area.

Mint Mobile vs. The Competition

Mint Mobile is one of the newer brands in the low-cost mobile market when compared to the likes of Metro PCS, Cricket Wireless, Total Wireless, Straight Talk and more. Mint’s plans are set up differently than the other prepaid carriers so it’s a little hard to compare. Overall, Mint’s plans are cheaper than most of the other carriers, but the data you receive is slightly less.

Example: Mint Mobile vs. Straight Talk
Mint Mobile at $25 Per Month For 3GB’s vs. Straight Talk at $35 Per Month For 3GB’s of high-speed data.

Ways To Save On Mint Mobile

We’ve put together a quick list of a few different ways to get the cheapest price at Mint Mobile.

  • Use A Coupon Code: You can occasionally find a coupon or promo code for Mint Mobile to help you save on both your phone and plan. Most of the time, these coupon codes will give you a new customer discount on plans.
  • Bring Your Own Phone: If you have a phone already then you can save some money by using some of the BYOD promotions. You can check your phone for compatibility on the Mint Mobile website.
  • Use An Intro Offer: When you sign up for Mint Mobile you’ll want to use one of the introductory offers available. These will give you a discount on your first few months and sometimes will even give you a month free. This is usually a better deal than buying any of their long term (6 months or yearly) plans.
  • Check The Best Deals On (

If you have any questions about Mint Mobile or want to leave your own review then do so below in our comments. We will do our best to answer any questions we can about Mint Mobile and their low-cost wireless service.

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