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Does Macy’s have military discounts? Macy’s has numerous discounts available for military both in-store and online. The only issue is the military discount only works for the first Tuesday of every month, but there are numerous other discounts and promo codes that can save you even more. Use the link below to find all of the latest promo codes and sales available as well as more information on military discounts available.

Discount: 10% Off Military Discount + Other Promo Codes

About Macy’s Military Discounts
Macy’s military discount is different than a lot of other department stores that offer a discount. They offer a discount on the first Tuesday of every month that’s 10% off and 15% off if you use your Macy’s card. In order to receive the discount, you must show a military ID in stores or use a military verification provider shown on their website to get the discount online. These discounts don’t seem to have any restrictions so you can use them on everything from clothing to appliances and home decor.

There are much easier ways in our opinion to get big savings at Macy’s including signing up for the newsletter to get a coupon for a select percentage off your total or just using one of the many promo codes on their website that range from 15% to 25% off select items. Using their generic promo codes is currently a much easier way to get savings and might actually even give you more than your military discount.

We will keep this page updated with the latest information available for Macy’s military and veterans discounts. You can see all of the latest deals and more information on their military discounts by using the link below.


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