How To Lower Your Comcast Xfinity Bill

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Comcast Xfinity is one of the most popular providers of cable, internet, and home phone. The monthly price you pay for these services is probably one of your largest expenses and the prices of these services across the board always seem to be going up. This is why we’ve made this quick guide to help you lower your Comcast Xfinity bill with a few different steps so you can still have the same great service for less.

DEAL: Find Deals For Comcast Xfinity (Get Instant Discounts)

This guide will stay updated with all of the latest information and tips we can find to help you get a discount on your monthly bill including things like simply calling and asking the right questions to buying your own modem and finding exclusive deals for existing customers. Browse all of our latest tips below and then let us know if you saved or if you have some tips of your own in the comments.

Call And Ask For A Discount

The best way to get a large discount on your monthly price is to simply call and see what discounts are available. When calling make sure that you make it clear that you’re thinking about another cable or internet option in your area. We’ve given you a simple step-by-step guide below that should point you in the right direction to get any possible discount. Note that if you’ve done this in the past you may not receive any type of discount from Comcast.

  • Call Comcast’s customer service at 1 (800) 934-6489 or have them call you.
  • If available, choose the disconnect service option (you don’t actually have to disconnect your service).
  • Let Comcast know that you’re not happy with the pricing, etc and let them know you’re thinking about other options in your area such as AT&T Uverse, Verizon Fios, Charter Spectrum, DirecTV and so on.
  • The customer service rep should be able to work with you to see if there are any discounts available to keep you from switching your service. You can also see what deals are available online by putting in some basic information.

If there are any discounts available for your account then they should offer you some type of discount. These discounts can be something small such as 5% all the way up to some customers reporting a discount on their monthly bills of 30% off their previous price. Not everyone will be eligible but it’s always worth a try as just a few minutes on the phone can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Most of these discounts will be temporary with most customers reporting the discounted prices lasting one year.

Buy Your Own Modem

Comcast will give you the option to either purchase or rent your modem. It almost always makes sense to purchase your own modem in the long run. If you rent a modem from Comcast you will pay around $10 per month to rent the modem. It doesn’t make sense for almost anyone to rent a modem as you can purchase a compatible modem for around $60 which means after six months the modem will pay for itself. You can find the best compatible modems at Amazon.

The reviews and information on each modem will tell you if it’s compatible with Xfinity internet, but most of the major brands are. You can choose to purchase a modem and router combined or you can just opt for the modem by itself if you already have a router that you prefer by itself. This is one of the easiest ways to save on your bill.

Check For Discounts When You Bundle

The last way to save some money with Comcast Xfinity cable and internet is to see what deals are available if you bundle or re-bundle your services. You can check out a service like CableMover where you put in some basic information and they will let you know if you’re eligible for any type of discount. This works both for those looking to see if they can save money by bundling and those who are switching to a new provider. This way doesn’t always work, but since it only takes a couple minutes it’s worth your time.

If you can use any of these tips to lower your Comcast bill then leave how you did it and how much of a discount you received below. You can also leave any other comments or questions below and we will do our best to answer.

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  1. Did you use any of the tips above to save on your Comcast bill? Leave how much you saved and how you saved in this comments sections as well as any tips you may have. This guide will keep changing as we find the best ways to help people save on their Comcast bill.

  2. I had a plan with Comcast the price was supposed to be $99 dollars a mth for two yrs. with taxes & etc it was about $135 then it went to $150 then $ 161 then $171 something now the supposingly contract is up & it is $199 How can they call this a bundled package if they keep changing the prices?

    1. Most providers have promotional pricing for the first year or two years that you’re with them. I would guess that’s why the initial price went up. We’ve seen the prices of cable and internet going up across the United States, but those prices do seem to be going up faster than the national average. There can be other fees being added to your bill such as local taxes and fees that are also driving up the prices.

      As far as the bundles, all that means is you’re including multiple services into one package to get a slightly reduced rate compared to purchasing all separate. Having a bundle won’t keep the prices down. The best thing you can do is to use something like Cable Mover to see what discounts are available for you if you change things around and they can even compare prices with other providers in your area.

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