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LLC Cost: How Much Is An LLC? (Filing Fees By State)

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The cost of starting your LLC is one of the many things to think about when starting a business. We’ve put together some data to show you how much it costs to file an LLC in every state along with Washington DC. We cover all of the basics to help make starting your LLC easier.

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LLC Cost By State (Filing Fees)

Below are the filing fees you must pay to register an LLC in your state. The filing fees mentioned below for each state are for domestic filing fees and foreign LLC filing fees may differ depending on the state. The filing fees can also change from time to time so always double-check on your state website.

  • Alabama – $200
  • Alaska – $250
  • Arizona – $50
  • Arkansas – $45
  • California – $70
  • Colorado – $50
  • Connecticut – $120
  • Delaware – $90
  • Florida – $125
  • Georgia – $100
  • Hawaii – $50
  • Idaho – $100
  • Illinois – $150
  • Indiana – $95
  • Iowa – $50
  • Kansas – $160
  • Kentucky – $40
  • Louisiana – $100
  • Maine – $175
  • Maryland – $100
  • Massachusetts – $500
  • Michigan – $50
  • Minnesota – $155
  • Mississippi – $50
  • Missouri – $50
  • Montana – $70
  • Nebraska – $105
  • Nevada – $425
  • New Hampshire – $100
  • New Jersey – $125
  • New Mexico – $50
  • New York – $200
  • North Carolina – $125
  • North Dakota – $135
  • Ohio – $99
  • Oklahoma – $100
  • Oregon – $100
  • Pennsylvania – $125
  • Rhode Island – $150
  • South Carolina – $110
  • South Dakota – $150
  • Tennessee – $300
  • Texas– $300
  • Utah – $70
  • Vermont – $125
  • Virginia – $100
  • Washington – $200
  • Washington DC – $220
  • West Virginia – $100
  • Wisconsin – $130
  • Wyoming – $100

Do States Charge An Annual Fee For An LLC?

Some states do charge an annual fee to keep your LLC in compliance. There are states that charge this fee yearly or every two years along with states like Pennsylvania who only charge this fee every 10 years.

The fee you pay depends on your state and can as low as $10 like Colorado to a fee starting at $800 like California (the fee depends on your business’s revenue going clear up to $11,790 per year). There are some states like Arizona that don’t seem to charge a fee at all, but you still have to file an annual report. The most common price of the yearly filing fee seems to be around $50. States seem to change these fees regularly so you should always check your Secretary of State’s website for the latest updated price.

Other Possible Costs Of Starting Your LLC

Aside from the ongoing fees each year, there may be a few other costs associated with starting and maintaining your LLC. We’ve detailed a few below along with other services your company may need including services to help and how to avoid extra fees.

Registered Agent – A registered agent is an individual or business that is designated to receive service of process for the business (lawsuits, summons, and other paperwork). You can be your own registered agent in most states of you can get an extra level of privacy and protection by using a professional registered agent service. Using a professional registered agent makes sense for a lot of business owners as you can get extra privacy and peace of mind for around $100 per year. One of the most popular registered agent services is Northwest Registered Agent, they have good reviews and good prices for their service.

Business Licenses – Your city, county, and/or state may require a business license depending on your company. Always check local and state laws to see what licenses you need to operate legally. You can always use a business formation service like IncFile or ZenBusiness to help you figure out what licenses you need.

Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) – You will need an EIN for everything from paying taxes to opening up a bank account for your business. You can get an EIN for free very easily online through the IRS website, so don’t pay any other service to do it for you as some will try to charge you an upwards of $75 for what you can do for free in 30 minutes.

Using A Business Formation Service To Start Your LLC
If you want more guidance on starting up your LLC then you can opt to get some help from a business formation service like IncFile or ZenBusiness. These services help you walk through the entire process of forming your business and can also offer perks that can help you save on start-up costs. They offer these services anywhere from free like IncFile to most services starting at around $49 and going up in price from there.

These services can be worth it to first-time business owners and those setting up more complicated LLC structures. For those who know the basics of what they’re doing you can usually set up a simple LLC through your state’s website just as easily as filling out the information on a business formation services website. You can find a few of our recommendations for business formation services below.

While we do our best to keep this list updated, always double-check the current LLC filing fee in your state and research any other costs associated with starting an LLC.

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