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Liberty Mutual Student Discounts

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Does Liberty Mutual have student discounts? Yes, Liberty Mutual does have exclusive discounts for students which includes both high school and college students. The information we could find shows that there are multiple discounts available including up to 10% off for students with good grades along with other discounts for things such as college students who are driving and more than 100 miles from home. Use the link below to find all available deals with your insurance quote.

Discount: Up To 10% Off Your Insurance At Liberty Mutual

About Liberty Mutual’s Student Discounts
Liberty Mutual does have a few discounts available for students. As we mentioned before, these discounts are available to college students along with teens in high school. To be eligible for the popular “good student discount” the information we found showed that you’ll need to have a B average (3.0 GPA) and be currently enrolled full-time in school. There are other discounts available as well for students living at least 100 miles from home and for students who only drive their vehicle occasionally.

Aside from the student discounts, there are dozens of other ways to save on your car insurance and other insurance options from Liberty Mutual. We will keep this page updated as we receive more details on their student discounts along with other ways to save. You can use the link below to look through the discounts on their website that are currently available.


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