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Keeper Security Discounts For Military, Students, And More

Keeper Security

Find all of the special discounts available for Keeper Security in this guide including discounts for military, students, healthcare workers, first responders, and more. You can get anywhere from 30% to 50% off the regular price of their password management and security products using the available deals.

Use the links below to find more information about each discount and activate your offer.

Keeper Security Discounts:

Military Discount: 30% Off Keeper Unlimited Or Family Plan
Student Discount: 50% Off Select Personal Plans
Healthcare Worker Discount: 30% Off Keeper Unlimited Or Family Plan
First Responder Discount: 30% Off Keeper Unlimited Or Family Plan

Keeper Security Military Discount

Does Keeper have a military discount? Yes, Keeper Security does have a military discount. This discount is currently 30% off Keeper Unlimited and Keeper Family plans. You can use the link provided below then verify your military or veteran status using The website walks you through the quick process to get your discount.

Learn more and claim your discount at

Keeper Security Student Discount

Does Keeper Security have a student discount? Yes, Keeper Security offers a student discount which is currently 50% off. This 50% off discount applies to their personal plans, but there isn’t much information on what other plans the discount will apply to. In order to get the discount, you must verify your student status using StudentBeans. This only takes a couple of minutes and then you will have access to your discount.

Learn more about how to claim your student discount at

Keeper Security Healthcare Worker Discount (Nurses, Doctors, Hospital Employees)

Does Keeper Security offer a discount for healthcare workers? Yes, Keeper does offer a discount to healthcare workers which includes nurses, doctors, and hospital employees. The current discount is 30% off their Keeper Unlimited and Keeper Family plan options. You can use the link below to the Keeper website where they walk you through how you can verify your employment to receive an instant discount.

Learn more about the Keeper healthcare worker discount at

Keeper Security First Responder Discount

Does Keeper Security offer a first responder discount? Yes, Keeper Security currently has a first responder discount for police, EMS, firefighters, and more. This discount will give you 30% off Keeper Unlimited and Keeper Family. Use the link below to verify and activate your discount as well as find more information.

Learn more about the Keeper first responder discount at

About Keeper Security
Keeper Security is a password security and secrets management company with products for individuals, families, and businesses. Their password manager helps you keep all of your passwords secure along with other information such as payments for stores and more. Businesses can take advantage of the password manager for increased security, shared passwords across platforms, protects against ransomware attacks, and helps stop the most common data breaches.

As we’ve previously mentioned, there are multiple discounts available for Keeper Security. The group discounts range from 30% to 50% off select plans and products. These discounts are currently available for the military, veterans, students, nurses, doctors, first responders, and healthcare workers.

As of right now, Keeper uses as the verification platform for military, first responders, and healthcare workers and StudentBeans as the verification platform for students. Both are well-known and legit companies that only need some basic information to verify your status to receive the discount.

There are other discounts available if you don’t fall into one of those groups. We’ve seen similar discounts and deals available for specific products and they also have a free plan to try out their services before you upgrade to their premium products. Most of the discounts available can be found on the home page of their website or by scrolling to the bottom of any page.

Learn more about Keeper Security products and find deals at

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