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Instacart Student Discount

Does Instacart have a student discount? No, Instacart does not currently offer a student discount. Despite not having a student discount they do have other deals and discounts to help you save. Use the featured deal below to save on your next order.

Discount: $10 Off Your Order + Free Delivery (Click To Activate)

About Instacart And Available Discounts
Instacart is a grocery delivery service bringing groceries and other items to your door whenever you need them. You can find all of the top stores in your area along with a large selection of products available. No matter if it’s a large grocery store chain or your local pharmacy or gas station you can usually get it delivered quickly with Instacart.

Even though Instacart does not currently offer a student discount you can still find some deals. Most of the best deals are for new customers which is where you’ll see the largest discounts by far. We do see the occasional deal for existing users, but most of those deals are sent to individual users who are signed in through their app.

We’ve seen new customers deals ranging from $10 off your next order to 50% off your first order. The best deals are usually available when you purchase your first delivery, so take advantage of this to get your largest savings. You can use any of the links to the Instacart website on this page to find their latest deals.

Learn more about Instacart and find more deals at


Can students get Instacart for free? No, there are no student discounts and no current offers to get Instacart for free. You can sign up for an Instacart Express membership which will give you free delivery on orders over $35. This is the best way to get “free” deliveries and can be worth it for those making a lot of Instacart purchases.

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