IncFile Review
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IncFile Review – Pricing, Complaints, Pros, and Cons

Having started over 500,000 businesses, IncFile is one of the most popular places to go when wanting to start a business. In this review, we detail all of the pros and cons of IncFile and their free LLC and incorporation service along with other plans.

Review Consensus:
IncFile provides a great and cost-effective service for those looking for some help getting their company registered with positives like low-cost and easy-to-use options outweighing any issues with customer service. We currently recommend the “Silver Plan” from IncFile for most customers.
Website: (File For $0)

IncFile Pricing and Plans

IncFile Pricing (With NY States Fees)
IncFile Pricing (Shown with New York state fees included)
IncFile offers multiple plans to help you get everything you need when forming your new company. Their formation services include three different plans with prices ranging from free with the silver package going up to $299 for the platinum package. All of the plans include things like a free registered agent for your first year, lifetime company alerts, next-day business processing, and more.

Silver Plan (Free LLC Formation Plan) – The silver plan from IncFile is known as their “free” plan. This plan offers free business formation for those wanting a simple LLC without adding tons of extra services. The Silver plan includes the preparation and filing of your articles of incorporation (you only pay the state filing fees), unlimited business name searches, and free registered agent services for the first year. This is the plan we currently recommend for most people wanting to simply get their business incorporated without needing anything extra.
Price: Free (Plus State Fees)

Gold Plan – The “Gold Plan” is the next step up and includes everything in the “Silver Plan” along with the EIN business tax number, IRS form 2553, operating agreement, banking resolution, lifetime company alerts, online access dashboard, unlimited phone/email support, business banking account, and business tax consultation. According to IncFile, this is the most popular package they offer.
Price: $149 (Plus State Fees)

Platinum Plan – The “Platinum Plan” is the premium plan from IncFile. This plan includes everything in the silver and gold packages along with business contract templates, expedited filing, and a domain name with a business email address. After looking through what services you receive with the Platinum plan we would recommend that most customers go with the Silver or Gold plans instead.
Price: $299 (Plus State Fees)

Popular Services Offered By IncFile

IncFile offers over a dozen different services to help you start and manage your business. We’ve detailed some of their most popular services below to help you get more information on each.

Business Formation – Helping you get your business started is the most popular service at IncFile. You can choose from a variety of different options to start your business using IncFile ranging from free to a platinum package. We currently recommend the Silver Plan which is their free option as most businesses don’t need to pay for all the extras offered.

Registered Agent Services – Most of the incorporation plans offered by IncFile have registered agent services free for the first year. The registered agent will be there to provide automatic mail forwarding, remind you of important filings, compliance, and notify you of any lawsuits. Most states require a registered agent and after the first free year, IncFile currently charges $119 per year for this service.

Trademark Registration – If you need to register a trademark for your business then you can also get that done at IncFile. At the time of this review, they’re currently charging $199 plus state fees for the service.

DEAL: Start Your Business For $0 With IncFile (Plus State Fees)

Is IncFile Actually Free?

Yes, IncFile can help you set up your business for free with their free LLC and incorporation service. You will still have to pay state fees which can vary from state to state. So for instance, New York state fees are $205 per month so with the free plan you would only have to pay $205 total if you don’t upgrade with any other premium services.

The way IncFile can provide free LLC formation is by offering other services that you may need when starting a business like registered agent services, web hosting, banking, and more. They keep the basic (Silver) package free by making money on the partnerships with service providers who want to get their products in front of new business owners along with business owners who decide to purchase other services along with their free incorporation.

IncFile Pros And Cons

Pros of IncFile:

  • One of the lowest prices and best value options for incorporation services.
  • Easy to use platform with just four steps to register your business.
  • Multiple options and services in one place to take care of every angle of starting a new business.

Cons Of IncFile:

  • Some complaints on customer review websites and Reddit about customer service being an issue.
  • The Platinum package is on the expensive side for what you receive in return.

Customer Reviews Of IncFile

One of the best ways to figure out if a service is worth it is to look at reviews on places like Reddit, TrustPilot, BBB, Yelp, ShopperApproved, and more. After looking through dozens of different reviews and insights it seems like overall the reviews are pretty positive.

Most of the positive reviews talked about how easy the process was overall. Price is another item that comes up in most of the reviews with customers liking the low prices, especially the free LLC option.

There were some negative reviews about IncFile which most of the time centered around their customer service. There were a few complaints about IncFile not responding quickly to issues and the customers having to try to make contact multiple times. Most of the negative reviews about customer service were from over a year ago from the time of this review and we can’t find many negative reviews about customer service recently.

Overall the reviews were positive for IncFile on all of the main customer review websites we researched. The main negative complaint was about their customer service and the positives were that if you’re looking for a cheap and basic LLC formation service then this service may be right for you.

Conclusion: Is IncFile Worth It?

We recommend IncFile for those looking for basic and cheap LLC formation. They have overall positive customer reviews and some of the best prices and total value we’ve seen. It’s hard to beat their free Silver plan along with the Gold plan, but we currently recommend avoiding the Platinum plan as we don’t see enough value for the price.

Aside from LLC formation, they’re also a great option to be your professional registered agent as they have good reviews and a good price. They’re essentially a one-stop-shop for everything you need to start your business from a legal and compliance standpoint.

So overall, we recommend IncFile as one of the best incorporation services overall and the best value overall. You can use the link below to access the IncFile website and get more information on their services, plans, and pricing.


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