3 Best Alternatives To IncFile

For many businesses, IncFile is a great choice. They have free LLC formation options along with numerous other services. If for some reason IncFile isn’t for you then we’ve made a comparison of the 3 best IncFile alternatives and competitors to give you more options for your business formation.

Best IncFile Alternatives & Competitors

Best Alternative: ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness has recently added a free option to their business formation options where all you have to do is pay state fees for basic formation. You can upgrade to other ZenBusiness packages which offer more services your company may need when getting started.

Where the product really shines is that they offer nearly every service a small business could need within its platform. This means that if you sign up for select packages you can have ZenBusiness handle most of the day-to-day things like getting your website up and running as well as accounting, business banking, registered agents, compliance issues, and more. Packages start at $0 and the product currently has great reviews and major backing from investors.

Budget Alternative: Inc Authority

Inc Authority
Inc Authority is known as the budget alternative option for their free LLC formation along with numerous other low-cost services associated with starting a business. Unlike other services, they don’t have as many expensive upsells and costs that can add up beyond your basic business formation. They make it up for it by showing you more partnership offers from places such as business banks, business insurance, website builders, and so on. Their service has good reviews and has helped form thousands of businesses for free.

Another Alternative: LegalZoom

LegalZoom makes the list because they are one of the most established and well-known business formation brands around. They have been in business for well over a decade helping form millions of new businesses. They have numerous services available including the ability to work with an attorney to help with any questions or more advanced business formations. This does usually come with a higher price tag than IncFile and some of the other competitors we’ve listed here.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is IncFile A Good Option? This comparison is meant to just give business owners other choices to look at when making their decision on which business formation company to choose. IncFile has positive reviews for the most part and they’ve helped thousands of businesses get started. They can be the right choice for a lot of business owners, but it’s always good to see all of your options before choosing.

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Which IncFile Competitor Is The Cheapest? The prices on IncFile’s competitors change regularly, and the price for what your business needs can be different than what another business may need. Most of the LLC formation brands now are offering a free basic service where all you have to do is pay the state fee. This means that you won’t be paying anything unless you choose to upgrade services or you choose an add-on that some businesses may need. This means that the cheapest service will depend on your unique business needs, but for the most part, all of the companies are competitively priced.

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