Hulu Student Discount Plans
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Hulu Student Discount

Does Hulu have a student discount? Yes, Hulu currently has a student discount which lowers the price of their ad-supported streaming plan to just $1.99 per month. Use the link below to activate this discount.

Student Discount: Get Hulu For $1.99 Per Month (Click To Activate)

About Hulu And Available Student Discounts
Hulu is a popular streaming service with original shows along with hit movies and next-day streaming of hit TV shows. They also have Hulu Live TV which streams all of your favorite channels live including ESPN, HGTV, NBC, and more. They offer numerous plans including a cheaper ad-supported plan and a plan with no ads along with many other options to get the ideal plan for your household.

The student discount from Hulu currently gives you around 70% off the regular price of their ad-supported plan knocking down the monthly price to just $1.99. This is one of the lowest prices available and students can take advantage of this offer by going through a quick verification process. The student discount code currently only works for the ad-supported plans, but we will update this page if the discount is extended to ad-free plans.

Learn more about Hulu’s student discounts and plans at

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does Hulu verify that I’m a student? – Hulu currently uses the verification service SheerID to confirm that you’re a student. This is a legit service used by numerous major brands. They just need some basic information including your name and school to verify your identity to get this discount.

Can you get Hulu for free as a student? – No, Hulu does not currently have a free plan available for students. There may be other promotions available to get Hulu for free, but there is not currently a free plan for students.

Does Hulu have an ad-free plan for students? – No, the student discount is only available for the ad-supported plan.

Can existing Hulu subscribers use this discount? If you’re an existing subscriber on a stand-alone ad-supported plan at an eligible college or university then you should be able to sign up for this offer. Check the Hulu website for full details and information.

How many screens/devices does the Hulu student plan allow? The Hulu student plan allows the same amount of screens and devices streaming at the same time as their regular ad-supported plans. This is currently a max of two (2) devices at once.

Does the Hulu student discount work for high school students? No, the student discount is only available for students in the US attending accredited colleges and universities.

Is there a student discount for the Hulu bundle? There is currently no student discount available for the Disney bundle that includes Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus. If there is a change in the future we will update this page with information about a student discount bundle.

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