Military Discounts

Huckberry Military Discount (10% Off Discount)


Does Huckberry have a military discount? Yes, Huckberry does offer a military discount. The discount is currently 10% off your purchase. Use the link below for more information on how to get your discount.

Military Discount: 10% Off With Military Discount

About Huckberry’s Military Discounts And Deals

Huckberry sells high-quality gear, clothes, home goods, and more from top brands including Patagonia, Faherty, Danner, Go Ruck, and Mystery Ranch as well as their own brands. You can find everything from t-shirts, waxed jackets, and boots to backpacks, whiskey glasses, and bedding.

Aside from the military discount, you can usually find a few sales on their website. The sales are usually for one specific brand or category, but they do have the occasional sitewide promo code. They also usually have sales for major shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The military discount cannot be combined with most coupons and promo codes.

The military discount for Huckberry will currently give you 10% off your purchase. This discount cannot be combined with other promo codes and coupons. The discount will also not work on a few excluded items. To get the discount you must go to the Huckberry website’s military discount page and then verify your ID using TroopID from After you’re verified then you can immediately use your discount.

If the discount changes, we will update this page with all of the latest information. Use the link below to go to the Huckberry website and find out how to activate your discount.


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